Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Sanchez sees "very close" a government that depends on itself and "talk to everyone"

Sánchez ve “muy cerca” un gobierno que dependa de sí mismo y “hable con todos”

President Pedro Sánchez believes that he is about to achieve government socialist who depends on his own forces, although talk to everyone the parliamentary groups: "We have it very close," he has maintained, after warning that "the other three acronyms, one right and zero future."

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Sanchez, who has gathered some 1,500 people in the Gran Canaria Arena of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has alluded to polls such as the published this Sunday in The vanguard
, which gives the parliamentary majority to the PSOE with Podemos, PNV and Compromís.

The socialist candidate has defended that Spain needs that government that gives the country "four years of stability"

The socialist candidate has defended that Spain needs that government that gives the country "four years of stability", that "depends on its own parliamentary strength", that "bets for social gains" and that "talks with everyone", always "inside" of the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy ".

"Let all groups know," he stressed in response to the independence and also those who accuse him of agreeing with them. Today is the second day that passes the socialist candidate in the Canary Islands, where he has visited his two provinces.

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where the attendees have been especially enthusiastic, the PSOE aspires to snatch New Canaries the seat they got in 2016 when the two games were presented together. On that occasion, the PSOE-NC obtained two deputies, We can two others, the PP three and Cs one.

Claims a government that "bet on social gains" and that "talk to everyone", always "within the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy"

With many local nods in his speech, not only recognition of the "popes wrinkle", but also critical of the regional government of the Canary Coalition, Sanchez has complained that he has never received an affirmative vote of this training in the reforms that have carried out in its ten months of mandate.

He also said that the Canary Government "does the same as the Spanish right, that they are going to lie by the hour and insult per minute", and that the Socialists are going to "lead the political change" in the May municipal and regional elections because " respect "Canary Islands.

The act was attended by the veteran Gerónimo Saavedra, minister with Felipe González whom Sánchez has referred to as an "extraordinary minister and a magnificent president of the Canary Islands" and Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Minister of Justice with Zapatero. Both have received a strong ovation, just like Sánchez when he has defended the need to regulate euthanasia to recognize the "freedom for good dying and dignity".

PP, Cs and Vox "look like three drops of water"

After emphasizing that the PP, Cs and Vox "look like three drops of water", he repeated what is his main campaign message: "We are playing if we want to advance or go back forty years".

He stressed that socialists do not "just a vitoria", but they need a "large parliamentary majority to give stability" to the country, and that is why it has appealed "to the vote of those who once in forty years voted for the PSOE but then they went to abstention and singularly to those who have never voted for him ".

To these he has said that, although he is not his preferred candidate, he may have "seen the seen" and listening to what he says, come to the conclusion that his is the only project "thorough, sensible and moderate".

"The other is three acronyms, a right and zero future," he asserted in an act that also intervened the general secretary of the PSOE of Gran Canaria, Chano Franquis; the head of list to the Congress for Las Palmas, Elena Máñez, and the leader of the Canarian socialists and candidate for the presidency of the Canarian government, Ángel Víctor Torres.

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