September 19, 2020

Sánchez schedules a conference on recovery before his meetings with political leaders

The Government faces the challenge of overcoming the crisis left by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a drastic fall in Spanish GDP. The recovery will mark a good part of the legislature and for the Executive it is key to have budgets that allow facing the new situation. And for this Pedro Sánchez has asked the support of all political forces and wants to attract social agents as a form of pressure. Moncloa has scheduled a president’s conference on August 31, as the start of the political course, in which Sánchez will address the transformations that, in his opinion, Spain needs and will call for the need for “unity” of all the agents involved in the face of ” a broad representation of civil society, “as reported in a statement that does not specify who the guests are.

Under the title ‘Spain can. Recovery, Transformation, Resilience ‘, Sánchez “will appeal to the unity of all in the fight against the pandemic, the unity of the country to carry out the great transformations that Spain needs, as well as the institutional unity for the strengthening of State institutions” , as reported by Moncloa in that note released to the media.

The preparation of the public accounts for 2021 will star a large part of the political agenda for the month of September. The intention of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, is to present the project in “time and form”, that is, on the 30th of that month. However, the Executive aspires to have the necessary support before taking them to Congress, although the electoral calendar in Catalonia complicates ERC’s support. However, the socialist part of the Government hopes to be able to play the card of Inés Arrimadas.

In his reappearance after the summer break, Sánchez summoned all the parliamentary forces to facilitate the approval of public accounts. “Spain needs country budgets. And that is an appeal that we make to all political parties, to all,” said the president, who defended that they will be “country budgets.” That will be one of the main issues that he will address in the round of contacts that he has also announced for next week and that will start on Wednesday with Pablo Casado. Other leaders with parliamentarians such as Inés Arrimadas or Gabriel Rufián will also attend.


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