Sánchez says that the sprouts are being detected "early" but asks not to relax

At a rally in San Sebastián in which the Lehendakari socialist candidate and general secretary of the Gipuzkoan socialists, Idoia Mendia, and that of the Gipuzkoan socialists, Eneko Andueza, Sánchez also stated that the central government has had to confront to a crisis "unprecedented" by the covid-19 and has had a memory for Pride Day that is celebrated this Sunday, assuring that "we will continue to conquer freedoms".

Sánchez pointed out that this crisis due to the coronavirus "understands good and public quality systems" such as those that the Basque Country has assured, while applauding that society has known how to "self-impose restrictions" to face this pandemic, renouncing mobility, "a fundamental right to protect and protect oneself". "We have to learn to live with the virus and we cannot relax," he warned, because "we can very easily destroy the effort made in these weeks."

"The health systems are working and detecting outbreaks early, but the virus remains, is latent and we cannot let our guard down," he said, to stress that "we must apply individual responsibility." "Let's enjoy but with the sanitary norms", he affirmed. In addition, it has called for "unity" to the other parties and governments in the recovery and reconstruction that lie ahead.

For his part, Mendia has emphasized that "self-government has never developed as much as when the Socialists have had the Government of Spain" and added that there has never been more progress when the Socialists are also the Basque Executive, because the PSE " it is the only party that has been in each of the advances of Basque self-government ".

"There is no party that can say the same, agreeing with each other, none has done the same," he said, adding that "the agreement is the only valid tool to solve problems." "On July 12 we want to continue advancing on the path of the agreement," he said.

Andueza has affirmed that the socialists are "a guarantee to get out of this crisis without cuts, to reinforce public services and to have health at the height of the circumstances with a strong workforce and infrastructure", as well as "to have a prepared education, with digital classrooms, and all the necessary material for the students, so that no one is left behind, and so that our productive fabric gets ahead "and so that our elders have" the care they deserve "and young people" have a decent job " , has defended.

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