Sanchez says that Spain will create 330,000 jobs in 2019, the lowest figure since 2013

Sanchez says that Spain will create 330,000 jobs in 2019, the lowest figure since 2013

Special Envoy to DavosUpdated:

Pedro Sanchez has assured this Wednesday in Davos that Spain will create 330,000 jobs in 2019. In addition, he has indicated that 220,000 million will be invested in the next decade to favor the energy transition. The president stressed the need to "put the economy at the service of the people" and considered it indispensable that the General State Budgets be approved before the European elections to maintain economic growth.

These accounts, which generate doubts among all the political parties of the opposition, have been conceived according to Sánchez "to combat inequality, put value on innovation and reduce the public deficit".

The President of the Government, who has held several bilateral meetings with businesspeople throughout the day, said that Spain "continues to grow more than France and Italy and inspires confidence in both business organizations and financial markets." In addition, he defended progressivism as "the only policy that can allow us to sign a new social pact," because the conservative model "leads to ruin" and neoliberalism is for the president of the government "responsible for the latest crisis economic ».

Sánchez also analyzed the role of Spain in Europe. The president acknowledged that Spain has lost importance in the Old Continent despite being "deeply Europeanist".

He also referred to the current political context, describing the Brexit as a "challenge and an opportunity" and pointing out that the "unacceptable inequalities" that the economic crisis generated have been a breeding ground for "populisms and reactionary nationalism."

"Politics must accelerate the pace in a responsible manner because if they do not appear unscrupulous politicians who will make the cracks in society worse," said the president, who confessed to being, before the Spanish business elite, "a convinced progressive".


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