Sánchez says that part of the independence movement would not accept the Quebec solution for Catalonia and ERC challenges him to propose it

Sánchez says that part of the independence movement would not accept the Quebec solution for Catalonia and ERC challenges him to propose it

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has assured this Wednesday that, from his point of view, part of the independence movement would not accept the application in Catalonia of the solution that Canada found for its conflict with Quebec, where two referendums have already been held, while that the ERC spokesman, Joan Tardà, has challenged him to put this formula on the table if he thinks it is the correct one.

During the appearance of Sanchez in the Plenary Session of the Congress to inform of the last European Council and the position of Spain on the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, Tardà has brought out the Catalan conflict, putting in value, due to its fully democratic character, the Canadian.

In his reply, the president has insisted that the solution for Catalonia must be found "in politics", but has slipped that, in his opinion, "hardly some independence leaders would be willing to transfer" to Spain the decision that was adopted in that Canadian province, where two referendums have been held – in 1980 and 1995 – and in both lost the separatist option.

"If you think that the correct way is the Canadian, propose it," Tardà answered, stressing that the conflicts between democrats are resolved "with more democracy" and recognizing that "you can not build independence by ignoring 50% of Catalans that are not independentistas ".


He then stressed that the referendum will be "inevitable", but that "the pro-independence supporters have to understand that the referendum should not be between independence, yes or no, but between independence or more autonomy."

Tardà has insisted that there can not be a democratic solution "that does not integrate the vast majority of society in Catalonia" and stressed that from ERC want to "negotiate everything" with the socialists, yes, without losing sight of "the reality" of that "a little less than half of the Catalans are independentistas".

In his last word, Sanchez recalled the cases of the United Kingdom and Scotland, where a part of the citizenship is demanding a second referendum on, on the one hand the 'Brexit' and on the other the independence of Scotland.

"This type of referendum all they do is fragment, confront and segregate the societies," the Chief Executive has warned, who has reminded Tardà that in all the electoral events that have taken place in Catalonia in recent years it has become clear that there is a "forty-something percent" of proindependentistas and that the rest is "in favor of other solutions that allow Catalonia to continue belonging to the Spanish State".

In this context, he insisted that the solution has to come from the agreement around a new Statute that was first agreed upon in Catalonia and then taken to Congress, as happened in 2005, when, he added, the PP committed the "error historical "to encourage the" territorial tort ".

"If we think of big agreements where pro-independence and non-pro-independence representatives are represented, we can find ourselves, that is the spirit and spirit with which the Government works and from that position we will try to resolve this issue," the President of the Government reiterated.


On the other hand, Tardà has taken the opportunity to respond to the criticism that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has thrown at him, to defend himself against his accusation that if he could "shoot" the separatists, "he should speak less about shooting because his party executions should be silent, for historical dignity should be silent, "he has snapped the president of the 'popular'.

"The subject of ERC was approved without going to class," he has released Tardà before proclaiming his "pride" of belonging to a formation with thousands of charges and militants shot that "has always defended the democratic way to achieve the Republic" , however much some want to transform the procés into a "problem of public order" and "win the ideological battle" generating social "tension".

"If you take a letter from Corsican to insult a little less than 50% of pro-independence Catalans who voted on October 1 calling us coup plotters, we will do the same," he has warned Casado, before, of course, to indicate that "war-civilist spiral" the descendants of neither of them deserve it.

And, finally, Tardà has asked Casado not to say "lies" in the Chamber and has done so to remind him that, contrary to what he had previously said, the spokesman of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, was acquitted of the alleged kidnapping of the late PP deputy, Gabriel Cisneros, who, on the other hand, has acknowledged having "learned" things "because he was very wise" and with whom he liked to debate in Congress.


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