Sanchez says he will not disappoint "the civil society that wants to transform Cuba"

"I have met in Havana with the civil society that wants to transform Cuba, my government will not let them down, we will never lack our breath to build a modern Cuba with the fraternal support of Spain," Sánchez wrote, along with a photograph of the Spanish delegation with this group of representatives of the Cuban "civil society". Sanchez's official visit to the island has ended with this meeting.

According to the list provided by the Spanish delegation, the meeting was attended by the actor Jorge Perugorría, the musician Carlos Varela, the writer Leonardo Padura and journalists such as Abraham Jiménez Enoa, from 'El Estornudo', Roberto Veiga and Lenier González, from 'Cuba Possible 'and Eric Caraballoso and the consultant Oniel Díaz Castellanos.

Also Enrique Núñez, owner of the palate (privately owned restaurant) La Guarida; Niuris Isabel Higueras, from El Atelier and the Spanish Pilar Fernández, from the Bikos restaurant, as well as the designers Leire Fernández and Idania del Río, founders of the design company Clandestina; the goldsmith businesswoman Rosana Vargas and the also accounting entrepreneur Marta Deus.

According to Spanish government sources, Sánchez has listened to their experiences and they have thanked the visit and expressed their confidence that the foreign influence will move Cuba towards the opening, as well as expectation for the new Constitution and the reforms that the new president, Miguel Díaz-Canel.


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