July 26, 2021

Sanchez reinforces the leadership of the PSOE with several ministers to give a boost to the party until the next congress

It’s not the first time. In 2012, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba also did it, although it is not the formula established by the statutes of the PSOE. Pedro Sánchez, as his predecessor in the general secretariat, has decided to increase the number of members of the Federal Executive of the PSOE without going through the highest body between congresses. Then Ramón Jáuregui joined as a born member as coordinator of the Political Conference that laid the foundations of the socialist project after the 2011 electoral defeat.

Now, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, head of Culture and member of the federal leadership but not of the Permanent, joins the hard core with María Jesús Montero, Salvador Illa and Carolina Darias. Nuria Marín, of the PSC, who until now directed the secretary of Social Policy, will be replaced by Luz Martínez-Seijo, who was in charge of Education but was not a member of the Permanent.

Javier Izquierdo, responsible for Training passes to the area of ​​Socio-Labor Relations, which will also be part of the Permanent Commission to closely monitor all issues on the repeal of the labor reform approved by the PP that the Government will promptly promote. The coordinating secretary, Santos Cerdán, will be in charge of the relations and coordination between the Government and the party, a work that he already performed de facto in his capacity as number two of the Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos.

It was precisely to Ábalos that Pedro Sánchez commissioned a reconfiguration of the federal leadership a few days ago with the purpose of boosting the voice of the party until the next federal congress, after the president of the Government and general secretary of the PSOE decided that the conclave be held in 2021 – and not next summer as weighed initially – so that it does not overlap with the electoral appointments of Galicia, Euskadi and Catalonia that will take place this year and also with the processing of the General State Budgets.

The reorganization must be framed in the will of Sanchez so that the voice of the PSOE ceases to be subsumed, as until now, in that of the Government and give it a new role so that it does not go to tow of the Council of Ministers. “With a coalition government and with a right that will not give up this legislature, the purpose is to maintain tension and mobilization in the territory,” they defend from Ferraz.

The president has also imposed a new calendar, in which the Permanent will meet every Monday while the management plenary will do it every two months. Sanchez also intends to chair the weekly appointment of the hard core of the PSOE to give greater enhancement to the game. Since he arrived in La Moncloa, his presence was rare and the periodicity of the Permanent meetings was very irregular. Now, he wants the voice of the party to resonate every Monday and that the government agenda is deployed between Tuesdays and judges, reserving Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to the territorial action of the party so that the ministers who join the management and the rest of the executives they turn in the territories and go through all the socialist federations.

Ábalos has already developed an intense calendar with which to redouble the presence in the territories and a detailed plan of actions until the summer that Sanchez will detail in the next Federal Committee of the party. Similarly, Ferraz will have a new content unit to centralize responses and arguments and a sustainability plan for all its headquarters.

Undoubtedly, the Secretary General reinforces with all this the political weight of the leadership and the voice of an Executive who improvised, after the euphoria of his victory in the primary against Susana Díaz, and which is composed in its entirety by those who they helped in their reconquest of the general secretariat, after the traumatic 1-0 of 2016 in which the Federal Committee forced their resignation.

The president now wants a high-voltage executive to accompany the Council of Ministers during a term in which the right has not even given a hundred days of grace. And so it was transmitted last Monday to the federal address, where there were those who defended the role of an Executive who has added five electoral victories in a year.


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