October 27, 2020

Sánchez reaffirms the Government’s commitment to tourism and says that Garzón has already specified his statements

“The Minister of Consumption himself has specified his own words yesterday. The Government, by its decision to create a specific ministry on Industry, Commerce and Tourism, demonstrates the Executive’s commitment to these sectors as important as engines of growth” , Sánchez remarked at a press conference from Moncloa.

However, this Friday, days after the controversial words before the Health and Consumption Commission that drew criticism from the political opposition and the tourism sector, which has even come to ask for his resignation, the minister insisted that he described the “reality” of the tourism sector in Spain.

In an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, Garzón explained that during his appearance he dealt with “elements of macroeconomics” and asked to take advantage of the recovery from the coronavirus crisis to “strengthen the tourism sector as a whole”, with an “additional push “to a” very heterogeneous sector “to give” better benefits “.

“This means change, there are some minority sectors of the tourism sector that are resistant, who prefer the previous model. That is why the PP is against it,” he said.

The minister advocates leaving this “tourism model” behind, with “precariousness”, and betting on an “increase in quality”, which has “better wages” and “stability”. “There are thousands of companies in the tourism sector, which is very broad, that are willing to do it.”


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