Sánchez raises the flag of social democracy and presents himself as the heir of González and Zapatero

“Every day of this mandate that you gave me, I have had a goal: to preserve the role of social democracy.” Four years ago Pedro Sánchez claimed himself as the left and now he confesses that the social democratic recipe is the one that has permeated his mandate at the head of the PSOE and also the Government. Up to twenty times he has raised that flag in his closing speech of the 40th Congress, which will go down in history for being the reunion – there have been kisses and hugs after the pandemic and years of fierce struggles in socialism. And that is the other leg that the socialist leader has praised, the unity of the party. “A united and strong party. Stronger because it is more united ”, he has told the nearly 9,000 militants who have attended. to the festive conclave in Valencia in which the Socialists set course for the 2023 electoral cycle at a time when the polls are not favorable.

Sánchez achieves the emotional and political reconnection of the PSOE in a congress without internal debate that recovers González

Sánchez achieves the emotional and political reconnection of the PSOE in a congress without internal debate that recovers González

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Sánchez has achieved what was unthinkable a while ago: reunify the party and achieve the support of Felipe González, who showed him his “loyalty” and “availability” at the inauguration, and also from José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, with whom he had regained ties for a long time. The secretary general of the PSOE has vindicated them – like Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, honored a few minutes before that he took the stand, or Joaquín Almunia- and has proclaimed himself heir to his legacy.

The Prime Minister has promised before a devoted public to “continue the work” and the “script” that his predecessors marked him. Although he has acknowledged that in the six years he has been in charge of the party he has made “mistakes”, he has shown himself convinced of having achieved the “essential” by keeping the project “alive”. “The Social Democracy enjoys iron health!”, She has said in front of those who left her for dead on her left and right, while now she is gaining weight in Europe with victories like that of Olaf Scholz in Germany. At the closing of the congress, the Socialists received the warmth via video of important leaders of their rope, such as the Brazilian Lula da Silva or the Portuguese Antón Costas.

But Sánchez has opted for a speech in a national key to show the “pride of Spain”, but especially of his party. “Now it turns out that those who accused us of being social democrats now reproach us for not being social democratic enough,” he has ironized in response to Pablo Casado, whom, unlike other speeches, he has not even mentioned.

“From impatient positions they accused Felipe and José Luis of not having done anything because they did not do everything. True, they did not do everything, but they did a lot, and they did the best we have, what we can rely on precisely to face the difficulties and keep moving forward. They made the advances that improved the lives of all, “said Sánchez, for whom this legacy has served as a basis to face difficulties such as the pandemic. The president has valued the measures with which Spain has fought against the pandemic -the ERTE, vaccination “in order of medical needs and not the size of the portfolios, the SMI or the Minimum Vital Income …-:” That, which to many will seem like common sense, that is social democracy. ”

In a speech in which he has spun the past and the present – comparing his mandate with historical “conquests” of the socialists such as the national health system, the end of ETA violence, the gender violence law, that of equality or equal marriage, among others-, Sánchez has defended himself from those who accuse him of having launched a youth vote with measures such as the housing or cultural voucher and has assured that González and Zapatero – who also He has cited dozens of times – they suffered such attacks: “When powerful ideas are lacking, they are replaced by insults and disqualifications, by verbal or other violence. And those disqualifications, those thick words that deny us, are what we are receiving. That is what Felipe received, what José Luis received and what we now receive “.

As happened to his successors, Sánchez recalled, the right wing also accuses him of “breaking Spain.” And that is where he has launched a dart at the PP by reiterating that it was not his government that declared the unilateral independence of Catalonia and has taken the opportunity to reiterate the commitment of the socialists to the end of the territorial conflict through dialogue: “When others have gotten tired of hating, we will continue working for the coexistence between Catalans “. Although he has not deepened either, Sánchez is clear that this dialogue is limited by the Constitution and has calmed spirits internally by abandoning the idea of ​​multinationality that stirred the waters four years ago.

A Sánchez convinced that the social democratic recipe at the end of the crisis will reinforce the socialists has vindicated himself against other formations that raise flags such as feminism or environmentalism. But above all he has charged against the right wing, whose project, he has assured, has “failed.” “The objective of the extreme right and trumpism It is not reform to improve democratic institutions but rather to take away the power of democratic institutions – he pointed out -. They despise politics and politicians, but they want power, power without democracy. ”

Commitment to abolish prostitution

The leader of the PSOE has warned that the rise of the extreme right in Spain “drags” the right to opposition work that involves a questioning of the system and even the constitutional pact at a time when his party is proposing five modifications of the Magna Carta and has even destined an area for reform in the leadership of the party, which will be led by the strong man in the Government, Félix Bolaños, despite the impossibility of carrying them out in the current political panorama. “Let’s start dreaming things that may seem utopian but that tomorrow will be in the BOE,” Bolaños said at a round table on rights and freedoms on Saturday.

Sánchez has taken advantage of precisely the first great act of the new stage of the PSOE to mark the roadmap that the Socialists will follow until the upcoming electoral cycle – and which is not very encouraging for them in Andalusia, where it will begin. Among the recipes, more social democracy to “advance” -which has been the motto- and among the concrete commitments, the president listed the repeal of the labor reform, the end of the gag law, and the one formally acquired in the 40th Congress: a comprehensive law to abolish prostitution. It has been one of the most applauded moments of his speech.

Sánchez has put the seal on the “congress of unity” of the PSOE, putting the finishing touch on a renewal of the party that began with the changes in the Government in July. The Executive, which will be joined by six ministers and will have integration of what were once different sensitivities, has received the support of 94.94% of the delegates. The socialist leader leaves, as expected, enthroned and reconciled with his own. “In the darkest moments, I knew that I was not alone. That I had all of you by my side. You gave me the strength I needed to make such complex and difficult decisions, such as confinement,” said a Sánchez who is characterized for its cold character.


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