Sánchez puts Brussels in a Scottish shower to save itself from energy burning

The resilient Government gives a Copernican twist to its discourse of unity, solidarity and concord with Brussels and rebels against mutualized gas cuts. Do you remember the "you can get away with more Europe from this"? Well, Pedro Sánchez no longer. Share debt, yes. Come on. Gas, or Blas. The president goes into general election mode and it terrifies him to think of telling people that at least 54 of the 365 days of the year they will not have electricity or gas. And with mortgages through the roof now that the European Central Bank has decided to raise rates, and more than expected! –although not all its members were so clear about it–. By the way, the face of her president, Christine Lagarde, explaining why a higher increase than expected was decided, and suddenly, it was quite a poem, as if it was not with her or she did not know how to reason. The biggest rate hike in Europe in 22 years and the first since 2011, and by 0.50 points instead of the 0.25 that everyone took for granted in June. The fact is that after the monetary measure –ah! don't forget that the ECB also stops buying unlimited debt from countries in trouble, read Spain – now sharing problems with the rest of the partners to receive European funds... tarari I saw you. Another missed opportunity for a country like Spain that seems to always depend on the generosity of the rest –especially the so-called frugal ones– to happily receive a little money from those who are 200% disappointed today with the 'no' of the vice president of the Ecological Transition , Teresa Ribera, to share, at least, surplus gas. We have been hearing for three years the importance of the solidarity of a united Europe, to 'grab' funds, and now they say that they do not plan to pay attention to the rest of Europeans in gas cuts. In the end, for some reason or another, the "party" for families and companies with debts begins, but really. Let's enjoy the summer!, which he said and around the corner the most expensive mortgages and the financing costs of the companies as it has not been seen since the euro exists. Meanwhile, Sánchez, alerted by Manuel de la Rocha -General Secretary for Economic Affairs and G20 of the Presidency-, has entrusted Calviño to do what he has to do so that the rating agencies do not lower Spain's rating, which it would further tighten credit conditions for a government that lives off debt and is allergic to international organizations for one reason only: when they scrutinize and assess Spain, they reveal that everything impacts here much more harshly than in neighboring countries. It is what has to combat the harmful effects of the economy with propaganda. There are plenty of economists and spokespersons rise. Well, nothing, that they continue with their 'No to solidary gas', they will see how good it is. Everything will be better for us. Under the magnifying glass of Brussels no, the following. A Calviño, in addition, who was practically forced by circumstances to invite the governor of the Bank of Spain this Friday to talk about the situation of the Spanish economy – forecasts on which they still do not agree, she has backed down in her triumphalism and joy, but he still does not give his arm to twist–, and incidentally touch on financial exclusion and... the new tax on banks. Meeting that was also attended by the first or second swords of the great Spanish bank, who supported, this time, openly and forcefully Pablo Hernández de Cos, who was more than clear in warning the economic vice president that the The tax measure does not guarantee that the requirements that are asked of banks are maintained: maintain solvency, maintain credit growth, maintain adequate financing conditions for companies and families... that some of these points can be weakened by the tax . Sometimes, it is true, taxes are necessary, of course, supportive as well, but some more than others, as much as they do more damage than others... Well, the vice said that you have to pitch in –of course!– , and all make efforts –of course!–, but, EVERYONE, it seems that the central Administration forgets that there must also be a public effort and the 23 ministries remain undeterred, with all the staff that this implies, and others expenses, not to mention the legion of advisers that breaks records: 785 in the Government and 370 in the personal service of the president himself. Many are already saying that cosmetic measures against banking and energy are impossible to apply. Calviño knows it but she doesn't dare say anything, because she knows how the boss spends it. Just like Minister Montero, who does not even dare to call it a 'tax' but rather a contribution, fearful that Brussels will call her a chapter and have to give some 'little explanations'. And we will see when it is time to approve the 2023 Budgets –difficult, although the president will find a way to entangle again and seek support–, and if they extend the current ones, achieve without conditions (even more difficult, you are warned) that the European parné will continue to arrive. For now, his sights are set on the 'Spanish presidency of the EU' in the second half of 2023 – with parallel elections – for which he already has the list of cities to host the main meetings. Today for you... In addition, this week the large Spanish companies will publish results. We will see if then the indicators invite us to go on vacation and enjoy the summer, as the leader of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, demands, or at the end of July it is already autumn, and a long and icy winter almost appears. Bundle up.

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