Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Sánchez proposes to Iglesias to form two teams that resume the negotiation without speaking of charges

To 12 days for the first vote, the PSOE candidate and acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez The investiture is not guaranteed but it proposes to go back to the beginning, rewind and resume negotiations with United We can parking the discrepancies with Pablo Iglesias about whether there should be government of coalition or simply from cooperation, and putting the accent on the programmatic issues. With this objective, Sanchez has announced that he will call the head of the formation for this Thursday to propose to him to form two teams that close a government agreement. In addition, such and as he has advanced today The vanguard
, the president has confirmed that once investment It is proposed to reform the Constitution to ensure that future investiture can not end in possible electoral repetitions, as happened in 2016 and there is still risk after the elections of 28-A.

In statements to The breakfast TVE, the president has insisted on his plan, to get the support of United We Can for a government of cooperation justified in the "substantive discrepancies" in "questions of State", which always identified with the Catalan question, and in achieving the abstention of the PP or Citizens so that they "fight to make opposition", but "that there is a government so that they can make opposition".

"So far, we have talked about positions and contents. The important thing is to return to the starting point. Not talking about ministers, but about pensions, work, the national health system … "

Sanchez's diagnosis is that "the method (of negotiation) has not worked" until now "because we are stuck", so "the important thing is to return to the starting point". The essential thing now "is not to talk about ministers but about pensions, work, the national health system …", he has cited as examples because until now everything has been mixed and spoken of "posts, contents". Therefore, it is about talking about the program and, once agreed and closed, to deal with the tricky issue that keeps the investiture blocked.

The candidate has avoided revealing if at some point in the conversations held so far with Podemos there has been talk about the possibility of Iglesias occupying a vice presidency. "I do not like to reveal private conversations but the method of negotiation has not been convenient", precisely because of that mix when dealing with programmatic issues and charges, he insisted.

In any case, the fact of parking the obstacle does not make it disappear and, in fact, Sánchez has shown himself to be crystal clear when it comes to defending his pretension to a monocolor government without the presence of ministers of the formation of Churches. The main reasons are the "very serious discrepancies" with the Catalan question, to the point that the acting president has wondered whether at the door of the judgments of the trial of 'procés' and after listening to the separatists who would return it to do, "Can United We will support Spain in the hypothetical application, which I do not want, of Article 155?".

"Can United We will support Spain in the hypothetical application, which I do not want, of article 155?"

Catalonia has monopolized Sanchez's arguments to justify that there is no cooperation government. The approach by which the socialist candidate refuses to give in this matter "is political, not sharing power," he has defended. In particular, in his opinion it is a matter of maintaining the "internal cohesion" of the future Executive, "so that the challenges that lie ahead as a State are shared."

To this end, the socialist insists that his, with the possibility that We can occupy levels of power in the Administration, is "a serious and generous approach." Sanchez has emphasized that "a government has to deal with important issues." Therefore, the fact of having raised a cooperation with representation of United We Can in different areas of Administration, saying that they are the preferred partner and proposing a plan to monitor the potential agreement, is the "more sensible and more realistic" proposal than the candidate is willing to take into account the existing differences.

"They defend the right to self-determination, they appealed the application of 155 before the Constitutional Court, they speak of political prisoners," he has cited as tangible evidence of these differences, which join the vote against the purple formation to the suspension of the deputies imprisoned in the Congress Table, just beginning this term. This conjunction of divergences proves that "there are fundamental discrepancies that would cause a government to be paralyzed by its own internal contradictions," he warned.

"There are fundamental discrepancies that would cause a government to be paralyzed by its own internal contradictions"

The fact that the negotiations are resumed does not yet clear that there may be new elections, but Sánchez did not want to be damned about the possibility that there could be new attempts before the expiration of the two months prior to the dissolution of the Cortes. In this regard, the candidate wanted to recall that the procedure specifically states that the King is the one who designates a candidate, so that if he does not surpass the investiture the next 23 or 25 July, his candidacy automatically decays and he is the head of the State who You have to open a new round of contacts to see "if there is water in the pool for another application".

In this way, Sánchez wanted to show that this is no longer in his hands, after which he has warned the rest of political formations, especially PP and Cs, that the fact that "there is a government in Spain is not only incumbent upon the socialists ". But his message has narrowed to the party of Pablo Casado when he has directly asked for his abstention to facilitate the constitution of a government.

"We must find a mechanism to avoid systematic electoral repetition"

In this task of pressure on the popular, has commented on the letter from the 66 deputies have referred to the group of Casado to abstain in the investiture as they did in 2016. In this regard, Sanchez has said that "he did not know the letter of the ex-partners of the PSOE ", but he has appreciated the gesture.

Linked with the possibility that the investiture is failed, the incumbent president has confirmed that his intention is to push for a constitutional reform once invested to solve the "structural problem" posed by Article 99 of the Constitution, regarding the investiture procedure . "We must find a mechanism to avoid systematic electoral repetition," the president confirmed, in line with the progress made by The vanguard this same Thursday

Sanchez offers "a country agreement" to "put the constitutional reform on the table and make this the last time" that poses a blockage to governance, but has also commented that is willing to undertake the reform of the Magna Carta to touch up areas such as the recognition of people with disabilities or the suppression of the measures for politicians during the exercise of their activity.

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