July 27, 2021

Sánchez promises to reduce contract types to three and eliminate hiring deductions

Sánchez promises to reduce contract types to three and eliminate hiring deductions

The Government will not end the labor reform that launched the popular Executive of Mariano Rajoy, but has announced that if it will introduce several changes in that legislation: it will reduce to three the types of contracts and will eliminate a large part of the bonuses and deductions to the hiring .

During his speech on Monday in celebration of the anniversary of Expansion that took place this Monday in Madrid, Sanchez said that during the coming weeks his Government will approve a series of measures "for the improvement of the labor market, especially to tackle the precariousness and current duality. " Although these measures were part of his electoral program, it is the first time that he mentions them in public since he was president of the Government.

"We continue to debate in the social dialogue with the aim of carrying out a drastic simplification of the number of contracts, leaving it essentially in three, one indefinite, one temporary and one of training or relief, and we will also substantially reduce the number of bonuses and deductions. to hiring, leaving only those that affect the most vulnerable and needy groups, "Sánchez said during his speech at the gala, which took place in Madrid.

In addition, the Executive wants to "recover forced retirement by age as employment policy within the framework of collective agreements", as well as "establish the mandatory registration of work schedules to avoid abuses and facilitate the resolution of discrepancies."

Sanchez has cited these decisions among the series of measures included in his "change agenda" and which foresees that they become a reality in the coming months. Before an audience including several ministers, he has listed future decisions in several areas, including labor and with the aim of reducing precariousness.

It was then when he showed his determination to recover forced retirement by age within the framework of collective agreements and set a mandatory record of the hours of the workers. He has also cited in this context his intention to recover the value of collective bargaining and reinforce the causality of temporary hiring, as well as the announced desire of the Government to reduce the number of hiring.

Specifically, as Sanchez recalled, there would be essentially three types of contracts: an undefined one, a temporary one and another one of training or relief. In the same way, it has opted to substantially reduce the number of bonuses and deductions for hiring, leaving only those that affect the most vulnerable and needy groups.

His "change agenda" also includes a shock plan for young people before the end of the year, with an emphasis on improving digital skills and foreign language skills.

Sánchez "does not throw in the towel" with the Budgets

The president has also reaffirmed his cabinet does not throw "the towel" and is confident of reaching an agreement with the rest of parliamentary forces to achieve the approval of the General State Budget. "That is why we extend our hand to the rest of the parliamentary forces," he added.

"The flag of this Government is that of dialogue, is the agreement between parties and territories," said the head of the Executive before the leader of the popular, Pablo Casado, also present at the event.

Shortly before intervening, Sanchez has gone through the photocall, where he has confirmed before the media that he had met, this afternoon, with the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias. At the moment, the Executive only counts on the votes of the formation 'lodging' to carry out the public accounts.


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