Sánchez promises a "more sustainable transformation" and ensures that Spain "is no stranger" to the UN report

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has made a brief break this Wednesday in his summer holidays in Lanzarote to attend the inauguration ceremony of the centenary of the birth of the writer José Saramago at the headquarters of the foundation that bears his name on that Canary Island. . There, Sánchez wanted to highlight the commitment of his Executive in the fight against climate change, especially as a result of the harsh report released on Monday by the United Nations (UN), that urged governments to act to try to save the environment.

The Spanish Medicines Agency authorizes the first human trials of a private initiative vaccine

The Spanish Medicines Agency authorizes the first human trials of a private initiative vaccine

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Before the former President of the Government José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Canary Islands Ángel Víctor Torres and the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, the current Chief Executive has stressed that Spain "cannot be oblivious" to these UN alerts. "The protection of the environment must be a priority for all institutions, and of course it is for the Government of Spain," he stressed.

That is why Sánchez has proposed "a transformation" of the country that is through "values" defended "for decades", he has said, by Saramago himself or by the artist César Manrique, that they pass through "culture" and " sustainability ".

"We have all seen the nature of the fires in Greece and Turkey. And in Spain we are not strangers, we know that with the heat wave we are entering a risk zone and the Government will be attentive to these risks," he emphasized, before highlighting that "the fight against fire is everyone's job." He also stressed that "the whole of Spanish society has changed a lot, so much so that those who dared to deny, know that the present has to be sustainable."

"Spain is the country that grows the most"

In his brief intervention, Sánchez highlighted the vaccination data and recalled that more than 60% of Spaniards already have the complete schedule. In this sense, the Prime Minister recalled one of the phrases of the honored writer, who said that "energies return when hopes return." "We would not say that our energies return, because we have never abandoned them, but hopes are growing," he insisted.

"Solid and founded hopes are the vaccination figures," he said, to add the news known this morning that the Spanish Medicines Agency has authorized the first trials in humans from a private initiative vaccine. In addition, he has cited the "hopes" of "economic growth and employment data." "Spain is the country that is growing the most in our environment", he highlighted.

However, Sánchez, has argued that "the hope is no longer to return to the starting point" prior to the pandemic but to achieve "change" and "transformation" through "sustainability" and development committed to environment.


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