Sánchez programs 30 events in the streets to "reconnect with the people" and defend the Government with United We Can

Sánchez programs 30 events in the streets to "reconnect with the people" and defend the Government with United We Can

Pedro Sánchez will return to the road. In just four months, between September and December, the President of the Government will star in 30 PSOE acts throughout Spain. Sources from the socialist leadership have announced this Friday the intention of the chief executive to turn to face the polls that place him below the PP, "reconnect with the people" and recover the socialist electorate so that the PSOE is a "force winner” in the new electoral cycle that will begin in May with the regional and municipal elections and will end in December with the general elections.

Congress validates the energy saving plan with the 'no' of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos

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The objective, they point out from the Socialist Executive, is "to reach the local world". But as the PSOE leadership acknowledges, Pedro Sánchez "wants to get out of the strictly institutional role" that, according to what he points out, has characterized him in recent months. "He comes for all, to go through all the towns and streets of Spain," they point out in Ferraz. The idea is to seek "a more direct relationship with citizens," also to confront his main electoral rival, the one that may arise from Sumar, the listening process launched by Vice President Yolanda Díaz.

It is about, insists Ferraz, "connecting directly with the people" and "that each citizen has the possibility of touching the president, listening to the president, without the mediation of the powers that be." The socialist strategy consists of emphasizing that Sánchez “is a close person”, who needs “skin-to-skin contact with people”. The "closeness of the president" will, in fact, be the "fundamental element" of the pre-election campaign that has already started, with the start of the political term.

The socialist leadership considers that "when the PSOE is activated it is a machine for winning elections" and that, in this way, "everyone in the party is essential, to win the regional and municipal elections and to count the political project". "Let's go for it all," insists Ferraz, who considers that, according to the polls, the vote that won them elections four years ago has gone to abstention, so "it is not a lost vote" but must be activated .

Sánchez's tour will begin on September 3 in Seville and will continue on September 9 in Toledo. In addition, the leadership of the PSOE foresees a great act on October 28, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the victory of Felipe González in the general elections of 1982.

Sánchez's "leadership", also at an international level

Regarding the activity of the Government, the leadership of the PSOE insists that the legislature is going to be exhausted. Proof of this is, according to Ferraz, the validation of the energy saving decree validated on Thursday in the Congress of Deputies with the support of the investiture partners. "We have a sufficient majority to approve all the regulations that may require the assistance of Congress," insists Ferraz.

The PSOE defends that "it represents the social majority of the country" and that from the Government it has "demonstrated" that "it works for the social majority and that it is addressed to 95% of the citizenry". For socialists, the middle and working class is "the engine of society" and therefore is "an absolutely priority population" in their government work. “We know for whom we govern and we have proposals”, point out sources from the PSOE federal Executive, who also highlight the “very strong leadership of Sánchez”, also at the international level, which is seen, according to the party with the invitation of the Government German to take part in the meetings on the plan to deal with the energy crisis.

It is, Ferraz insists, a government "aware of the situation of citizens" and "empathic." “We understand the tiredness that citizens have and we are aware of the difficulty and added fatigue,” they point out, referring first to the pandemic and, now, to the inflationary scenario and the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. The idea of ​​the PSOE is to “redistribute the burden” of all these vicissitudes “so that the usual ones don't pay”.

However, the socialist leadership harshly attacks the PP's strategy which, according to these sources, "has practiced a scorched earth policy, that the worse the better." Ferraz does not understand "the deep reasons" that led the popular on Thursday to vote against the validation of the energy decree. That is why the conclusion of the leadership of the PSOE is that "the PP is interested in anti-politics because the policy that defends the majority of citizens does not go well for the sector that it defends, 5% of society" and that corresponds with “the interests of a minority and the powerful”.

"The PP has no project or team"

The PSOE sees Alberto Núñez Feijóo engulfed by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who is the one who, in his opinion, "rules" the PP. “Despite the fact that his moderate character was valued, it has been shown that the PP cast Feijóo as the lesser evil because he is not putting any sign of identity, no policy of moderation, of dialogue”, lament the socialist sources . “The PP does not have a project, nor does it have a team. He does not have the political stature to lead the country. The most conservative theses are imposed, of harassment and demolition”, they point out.

Ferraz considers that Spain "needs a strong opposition, a PP that has things clear and a sense of state." "We want to agree with the PP, a PP that is up to the task," they settle.

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