Sánchez opens to extend the aid package for Ukraine for three months

Pedro Sánchez and Ursula von der Leyen, this Tuesday in Brussels. / EFE

The President of the Government clarifies from Brussels that the Executive is studying the evolution of the crisis in its first public reference to the extension of the measures to cushion the crisis

Olatz Hernandez

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is driving up energy prices and driving inflation to record levels. The serious effects that the conflict continues to have on Spanish families and companies to this day have led President Pedro Sánchez to open the door to a possible extension of the Royal Decree-Law on urgent measures to respond to the consequences of this crisis . "Obviously we are open to extending it beyond June 30," said the Spanish president at the end of the European summit that was held on Monday and Tuesday in Brussels.

The decree-law includes measures such as the reduction of 0.20 euros per liter of fuel and the prohibition of dismissals due to the increase in energy costs for companies that benefit from direct aid, among others. It also contemplates a limitation of the annual rental update and a 15% increase in the minimum vital income and the automatic renewal of the electricity social bond, which benefits 1.9 million households.

“First with the pandemic and now with the war, we are going to do everything possible to protect families and companies,” Sánchez assured, referring to the “social shield” deployed by the Government during the covid health crisis. The rule to alleviate the effects of the war includes tax rebates on the price of electricity and specific aid for the primary, fishing and transport sectors, among others, and "has a validity that is reviewed every three months," explained the president.

The Government is monitoring the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine and its economic and social impact on Spain and, based on what is observed, it will decide whether or not to extend this measure. In any case, the final decision of the Spanish Executive "will be announced before June 30", the date on which the current decree-law expires.

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