Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Sanchez opens the door to ministers who militate in the orbit of Podemos

The swords are still high, only ten days already for the investiture debate. A new phone call from Pedro Sánchez to Pablo Iglesias, in the early afternoon of yesterday, he failed to redirect the situation. The attempt already started on the wrong foot, because the leader of the PSOE announced it first thing in the morning from TVE, and the leader of the United Podemos Podemos knew how to preach it to the four winds instead of telephoning him directly.

The conversation returned to verify the spinal discrepancy that keeps blocked not the investiture, but any negotiation between both. Sanchez dispatched with a simple tweet the scope of the talk: "I have called Pablo Iglesias, to negotiate first the program and then the composition of the Government. We must talk about content and know the degree of consensus. " "Regrettably, he has rejected the proposal," said Sánchez, blaming Iglesias for the responsibility of the blockade. "We will keep trying," he promised. And, late in the afternoon, the PSOE insisted that Sánchez's proposal is "to return to the starting point: talk about content." But he announced: "The president is evaluating all possible scenarios."

The president already values ​​"all the scenarios", and the purple leader trusts that the investiture "will end well"

And, already in the morning interview on TVE, Sánchez offered new clues to try to achieve his investiture. He admitted before anything that his strategy before Iglesias had thrown into bone: "Without a doubt the method has not worked, because we are stuck. We are talking about many things at once and the important thing is to get back to the starting point ". The leader of the PSOE defended the government of cooperation, and not of coalition. "The important thing is not talking about who will be a minister," he insisted, but about the policies they would develop.

But Sanchez did open himself to the fact that the independent ministers of recognized prestige he offers to Iglesias, in portfolios more technical than political, can be military in Podemos. "I a priori do not have any prejudice neither with militants or partners of Unidas Podemos and their confluences," he said. "If Podemos has an approach similar to this one, I would be willing to open it," he admitted. But whenever these profiles, he warned, do not prevent the future government from enjoying the essential "internal cohesion."

Especially in the face of upcoming events, which can be serious, especially in Catalonia as a reaction to the ruling of the Supreme Court on pro-independence leaders prosecuted. Sánchez warned that among the State issues in which both formations have "substantive discrepancies" that, in his opinion, make the coalition impossible, is the situation in Catalonia and introduced the hypothesis of a future application of the 155. "Can we go? to support the Government in the hypothetical application, which I do not wish, of article 155? ", he questioned. A coalition executive, he warned, would be paralyzed in a few months "by its own internal contradictions."

But Sanchez is already open to incorporate to the Council of Ministers members of Podemos or their confluences, without including Iglesias, in a couple of portfolios more technical than political, as advanced yesterday by La Vanguardia. Fuentes de Podemos, however, replied last night that Sánchez did not comment on anything similar to Iglesias in his telephone conversation. "It would be excellent news that we start negotiating a government in an integral way," they said. "But they have to raise their vetoes to the people who decide United We Can," they demanded. The purple formation considered "absurd that at the head of the ministries can not be the people who have been elected by the people in an election". "Technicians have to be in all the ministries, but the Spaniards when they vote is to elect their representatives and that has to be reflected in the Government," they warned.

However, Iglesias himself, in a first-minute interview on Antena 3, reiterated in his unfading optimism: "It will end well", he predicted about the investiture. In July or in September.

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