Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Sanchez only accepts the debate to five with Vox to demonstrate "the alliance of the three rights"

Sánchez sólo acepta el debate a cinco con Vox para evidenciar “la alianza de las tres derechas”

It is a golden opportunity, according to the strategists of Pedro Sánchez, to highlight and portray "the alliance of the three rights" as a single block that in his opinion proposes an "involution" for Spain. Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera, in the same bag with the extreme right of Santiago Abascal. An opportunity that, of course, the President of the Government is not going to waste. The electoral committee of the PSOE has announced this morning the disposition of Sánchez to to debate next April 23 with the candidates of the PP, Podemos, Ciudadanos and Vox in Atresmedia. And discards in this way that Sanchez maintains a face to face only with Casado, or the debate with four candidates, without Abascal, proposed by TVE.

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In today's meeting of the PSOE electoral committee has agreed "full availability" of the President of the Government to hold a debate with the remaining candidates for the presidency of the Government of Spain, "representing political forces that present candidates in all provinces of our country and that, according to the pre-election survey of the CIS known this week, exceed 10% of intention to vote at the national level, "Ferraz reported.

"The PSOE has always believed that debates enrich democracy and represent an unbeatable opportunity for citizens to know the proposals of the different political forces," adds the note disseminated from Ferraz. "And, of course, neither the PSOE nor Sanchez veto any candidate, no matter how distant their ideas are from ours. Democracy is precisely that: debate between different, between very different and contrast proposals for Spain. The debate is richer the more plural, then, in that case, better represents all the political positions in our country, "Ferraz strategists have resolved.

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