Sánchez makes companies ugly for their lack of commitment to curb the climate emergency

Sánchez makes companies ugly for their lack of commitment to curb the climate emergency

Although modulated with respect to his latest media and parliamentary interventions, Pedro Sánchez has maintained the line of speech against the powers that he acquired in July in the presence of the directors of BBVA, one of the Ibex-35 companies that he has made ugly their lack of commitment to the fight against climate change. The president was invited to the II BBVA Sustainability Forum in which he took the opportunity to make a purely environmental intervention, but in which he left some messages for the big corporations. The socialist leader has defended that the public sector but also the private sector have to get their act together to fight the "catastrophe" and also to face the energy crisis so that "there are no losers or there are as few as possible".

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Sánchez has not missed the opportunity to tell the listed companies that they leave Spain "bad" in the sustainability ranking. “Only 14% of the companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange today have plans to achieve zero emissions by 2050. 14% may seem little, a lot, but if we compare it with the countries of our global reference environment, it is that they exceed the fifty%. In Spain it is 14%, that is to say, there is a lot of work to be done”, said the president.

Although he has avoided delving into the measures put in place by the Government, including the tax on banks and energy companies, he explained that the Government will have to take measures aimed at mitigating the effects of the energy crisis. “The answers that we give, whatever the plans that are proposed at the Spanish level and also at the European level, any measure that we have to implement at a global, multilateral, European and Spanish scale that is proposed to overcome the energy crisis derived from the war in Ukraine, must address and respond to this double challenge of the climate emergency and also the energy crisis caused by Putin's war in Ukraine.

Sánchez, who has celebrated his hosts' commitment to sustainability, has called on the private sector to lend a hand in order to promote the ecological and digital transition. “If we propose these two transformations that are so disruptive from an economic and social point of view, from a perspective of inclusion and social integration, we can make societies share this challenge that, without a doubt, because they unite us both with the private sector and with the private sector. public”, he expressed: “That is why I think it is so important that in addition to talking about ecological transition, that in addition to talking about digital transformation, we incorporate the adjective of fair justice to those transitions and those transformations so that there are no losers or that there are as few losers as possible.

In recent times, Sánchez has presented himself as the "president of the people" in front of the powerful, among whom he has placed large corporations such as the one that had invited him this Thursday, although he had never quoted them. He has not made an express mention in that direction, but he has pointed to the need to overcome "very powerful resistance." “I believe that the path passes through overcoming inertia and this inertia is not easy. You know it as well as I do, for overcoming dependencies, for also overcoming very powerful, long-established resistances, for also overcoming the fear of uncertainty, of what it may entail and the changes that it may imply," said Sánchez, who has begun referring to climate change deniers, among whom he places the extreme right of Vox, which he has not cited.

“No negationist position today is due to ignorance after the overwhelming scientific evidence,” he stated before adding: “It does so to defend particular interests of a status quo that is undoubtedly powerful but outdated and that is contrary to the interest general".

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