July 29, 2021

Sánchez loses votes

Sánchez loses votes


We are used, not to mention tired, to the comings and goings of the current Government. However, the one that occurred last week goes beyond a blunder attributable to precipitation or electoral calculation. The fact that the president, in a totally unexpected helm, was offered during the last week to negotiate the Budgets with the Popular Party or Citizens confirms that the economic approach is costing them votes, many votes.

The idea was simple. Become the useful vote of the left by buying all the demands of We can, to present the most social budgets since the crisis. Thus, beyond their approval or not, they already have the story set for the next election. What the political marketing experts of La Moncloa did not count on -or what they have underestimated- is the anxiety that has provoked the speech. The words -announcements of tax increases, social contributions, etc.- have aroused a huge response in the different economic and business sectors, the best reflection that the wounds of the last crisis are still open and that things are not there to do gestures facing the gallery.

The association of ideas is immediate. Good words from Pedro Sánchez They are very similar to those of ZP, and we are all very aware of how this waste of nonsense ended. The oven is not for goodies buns.

And no, the reaction has not been limited to Bank of Spain, Airef, self-employed or entrepreneurs: you should be seeing it in the intention to vote. The shadow of the crisis is long and anything that remembers it causes a huge rejection. The worst thing for the Government is that right now it is difficult to turn back. Of this horse they can not be lowered as if the subject was not with them, because they could return to the starting square, to the eighty four deputies that lately they had considered only a bad dream.

José Ramón IturriagaJosé Ramón Iturriaga


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