Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Sánchez Llibre will be president of Foment this week

Sánchez Llibre será presidente de Foment esta misma semana

There will be no voting in Foment del Treball. Yesterday, the electoral table and the board of directors proclaimed Josep Sánchez Llibre only candidate, which means that in the next few days he will be appointed President from the first patronal Catalan, replacing Joaquim Gay de Montellà. Now we only need to wait 24 hours to see if any recourse is presented, which the polling station should resolve within the next 24 hours.

Nor will it be necessary to vote the members of the board of directors, since just 76 candidates have been presented for the 76 posts. Subsequently, the president may directly appoint another 10 members, with which the board will be formed by 86 members.

The ex-deputy of Unió Democràtica and vice-president of Conservas Dani has achieved its goal with 219 endorsements – equivalent to 1,791 votes of the general assembly, according to Foment -, which far exceeds the minimum of the 40 guarantees required. There is a major renovation effort, since 43 of the board members change, According to Foment, the change could reach up to 50% of the posts as soon as the new president appoints the 10 missing members.

Marta Angerri and Elisabet Cañagueral, among the female signings of the next president

Most of these 10 vowels will be women, according to sources close to the candidacy, who admit that the desired parity will not be reached, but there will be an important advance in the "feminization" of the organization. Among the women who join the board or who will do it in the group of free-appointed members are Marta Angerri (general director of the Cercle d'Economia), Elisabet Cañigueral (of the meat group Cañigueral), Francina Valls (director of human resources of Criteria), and Isabel Buesa (director of Endesa in Catalonia). Also noteworthy are Mar Alarcón (Social Car), Virginia Guinda (Local Energy) and Cinta Pascual (Onada Serveis). The intention of Sánchez Llibre is to promote the presence of women in positions of responsibility, above all in charge of commissions or work areas. María Helena de Felipe, the president of Fepime, the SME employers of Foment del Treball will also gain prominence.

As Sánchez Llibre has announced in his election campaign, there will be more work commissions than now and they will be more powerful, in order to strengthen the lobbying role that Foment wants to exercise before all administrations, including European authorities.

In the assembly next Monday, which will ratify the new positions, will also be announced the executive committee and the five vice-presidents, which will also produce a remarkable renewal.

The electoral table, which yesterday proclaimed Sánchez Llibre as the sole candidate, is constituted by Joan Castells (Uceac, the association of insurance entities), Juan Torras (TG Asesores) and Manuel Rosillo (training commission of Foment).

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