Sánchez justifies the dismissal of the director of the CNI for the "failure in the security of the Government's communications"

Sánchez justifies the dismissal of the director of the CNI for the "failure in the security of the Government's communications"

Pedro Sánchez justifies the dismissal of the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, for espionage through the Pegasus software that infected his phone, that of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, and that of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, head of the Interior, without that the intelligence services would detect it up to a year later. Robles avoided circumscribing the relief in the espionage scandal and spoke of the need to give a technical "boost" to the secret services. “It is evident that there has been a failure in the security of the communications of the Government of Spain. And what the Government has done has been what we have always done, comply with the law, inform the Justice of these criminal acts and act with absolute transparency before public opinion”, has been the response that the president has given to the PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, in the government control session.

All the questions about the espionage that the dismissal of the director of the CNI does not clarify

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The socialist has taken the opportunity to "recognize the work" that Esteban has done at the head of the CNI and whose last service was the appearance in the commission of reserved expenses to account for the espionage to the independence leaders from which Moncloa stands out. However, the PP questions that the president did not have that information. “The Government did know it because what it had to know. What we have learned is that you negotiated governability with those that the State had to investigate and this does not happen in any State in the world”, said Gamarra, who has spoken of the “degradation” of politics.

Sánchez has gone on the counterattack by recalling that he arrived in Moncloa after independence had been declared in Catalonia and the PP had been “convicted of corruption. ”The general secretary of the PP destroyed the evidence of justice with a hammer and created a vigilante structure to persecute opponents irregularly [en referencia a la Operación Kitchen] and Spain in the EU counted as zero to the left“, he asserted. "The situation today is not perfect, but today the Constitution is fulfilled, the gangsters are not in the Government as it was when you were", he snapped at Gamarra. "Spain today defends its interests in the EU, asserts itself and has the power of influence," he boasted before reproaching the main opposition party for not being able to count on him.

The PP spokeswoman, who has praised Esteban's "blameless service sheet", has criticized that he has used her as the "scapegoat" that "his partners asked for". “With you they are stronger”, she has said about parties like ERC or EH Bildu: “They don't choose him for his worth, they want him for his weakness”. Gamarra has predicted that Sánchez will soon leave Moncloa and that "not only will he leave behind a harsh economic crisis but also an institutional crisis that will be difficult to reverse."

The reproaches for the dismissal in the CNI have not only come from the PP, but also from Ciudadanos, although the spokesman for Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, has wanted to take it to his field when comparing the situation of the maximum head of the intelligence services until yesterday , terminated by the espionage scandal, with his departure from the State Attorney's Office.

“They also asked for my head and you lowered your thumb”, Bal accused Sánchez in reference to his dismissal. Bal was the state attorney who defended the accusation of rebellion [y se negó a rebajarla a sedición] to those responsible for the Government for the 1-0 that the Justice finally ruled out.

"I know what it is to get in the way of ambition," he has reproached him. “You do not believe in Spain, you only believe in yourself. There will come a time when you will see that you are alone, you will look back and see the trail of corpses that you have left on the road, ”he insisted. Sánchez, in his response, told Bal that "it must be frustrating to feel so good and not be recognized" by citizens at the polls.

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