December 5, 2020

Sánchez insists that he will make an unlocking proposal 48 hours after 10N

The acting government president, Pedro Sánchez, has insisted this Friday that 48 hours after the elections he will make a proposal "to unlock the political situation" to PP, Citizens and United We Can.

Sanchez has remembered a proposal that he already made in pre-campaign and that he has repeated on this last day of the election campaign.

"From November 10, in 48 hours, I will propose to all national and democratic political forces, that is, I exclude the far right, an unlocking and governability agreement," he said in an interview on TVE.

And he added that each party will have a proposal on the table "to contribute to the unlocking and formation of a Government within the country."

Earlier in the Cadena Ser, he pointed out that in addition to these parties he will make this unlocking proposal to the regionalist and nationalist forces willing to contribute to governance.

He has excluded from this group the Catalan independentistas, who "are not in that constructive position".

In any case, Sanchez has insisted on asking that the vote be concentrated on the PSOE because "the more force the first political option has to win the elections, the less excuse they will have the rest of the formations to continue installed in the blockade."

In his message to the big parties he has stopped at United Podemos, with whom he did not reach an agreement after the April elections.

And he has said that if he were Pablo Iglesias and had voted four times in four years against forming a government "he would have enough regrets and would not be careful."

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