Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Sánchez guarantees to Podemos that the increase of the SMI will not affect the minimum quota of self-employed

Sánchez garantiza a Podemos que la subida del SMI no afectará a la cuota mínima de autónomos

The secretary of organization of We can, Pablo Echenique, has affirmed that the Government has committed itself to the rise of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI)) at 900 euros does not affect the minimum fee for the self-employed.

This is what Echenique has pointed out in his Facebook profile on Wednesday after the first meeting of the table dedicated to the follow-up of this agreement, with representatives of the Government and the confederate group Unidos Podemos. Specifically, Echenique has ensured that one of the most important points has been to treat "in detail" the monthly payments paid by the self-employed.

At this point, the secretary of organization noted that the Government has confirmed its commitment to "lower the fee for self-employed who enter less than the minimum tax base and avoid by express provision that the rise in the minimum wage is translated into an increase of the minimum tax base and, therefore, of the minimum fee paid by the self-employed ".

The Executive confirms that the fee will be reduced to the self-employed who enter less than the minimum tax base

During the meeting, Unidos Podemos has transferred to the Executive the need to open channels of dialogue "more specific" to specify the details of the different sections of the agreement. At this point, the Government has committed to open four specific tables on housing, fight against sexist violence, employment and Social Security and dependency.

We can also have asked the Government for a report prepared by experts on the reform of Universal Justice, since, as Echenique recalls, "the budget agreement includes the commitment to promote this reform according to the criteria of that report."

Also, Echenique has ensured that the commitment of his parliamentary group, following the budget agreement reached with the Government, is "to ensure that these political commitments are specified in measures, are put into effect as soon as possible in legislative texts and concrete executive actions that respect the letter of the agreement and translate into immediate improvements in the living conditions of the people ".

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