Sánchez guarantees the rise in pensions based on inflation and the increase in the minimum wage

Pedro Sánchez has opened the political course this Monday in an act with 50 citizens in the Palacio de la Moncloa in which he has promised to guarantee the purchasing power of the Spanish despite the escalation of inflation. The President of the Government has assured that at the end of the year pensions will be updated based on the CPI, whatever that figure may be. And he has also promised an increase in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI), although he has not specified the amount of the increase.

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For Sánchez, the successive increases in the SMI launched by his Executive have been the "main measure of redistribution of wealth and guarantee of equality." For this reason, he has said that there will be another "elevation" in the coming months, something that the partners of the Government, PSOE and United We Can, want to agree with the social agents.

Regarding pensions, the President of the Government has defended against those who want to make believe "that the public system is not sustainable" that "job stability" reflected in the unemployment data "also contributes to maintaining the pensions piggy bank". “By law we have said, we have approved that pensions have to be indexed to the CPI. It is a legislative mandate”, he remarked. “That rise is guaranteed by law”

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