Sánchez found out a few minutes before Iglesias’s decision that catches all the parties by surprise

The announcement of the candidacy of Pablo Iglesias for the presidency of the Community of Madrid has surprised the rest of the parties. Pedro Sánchez learned of Pablo Iglesias’ intention to leave the Government to head the candidacy of United We Can to the Community of Madrid minutes before the second vice president made it public. At the top of the PSOE and members of the Government have learned from the press after the publication of the video of Iglesias of that decision that will lead to a major readjustment in the coalition Executive. In the socialist ranks the situation is perplexing given that the president is in France, where he participates in a Spanish-French summit together with Emmanuel Macron, so he has not yet been able to speak with his narrow nucleus of collaborators.

From the PP, the national president, Pablo Casado, and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, have already reacted to the announcement of the vice president of the Government with the same message on their Twitter profiles: “Communism or freedom.”

The former vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has also spoken out about Iglesias’ candidacy, charging his former cabinet mate Díaz Ayuso for making the decision to advance the elections. “The Community of Madrid was doing well. It was working. There was a government agreement that was being fulfilled and that was going to be fulfilled until the end. Isabel, your whim to dynamite everything will only bring tension, confrontation and paralysis. The one that you have bundled”, has published Aguado on his Twitter account.


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