Sánchez denies to Casado that he is going to get ETA members out of jail: “No resounding”

Ten years after the end of the ETA violence, Pablo Casado has accused Pedro Sánchez of having “left the victims of terrorism behind”. “You cannot agree and whitewash those who justify the murder of 800 innocents,” the leader of the PP has told him in Congress after the step taken this week by Arnaldo Otegi, and which was welcomed by most of the parties , including the PSOE. “He has to break with Bildu today”, Casado has claimed, who has asked him if he is going to get 200 ETA members out of jail “as Otegi said yesterday” in exchange for his support for the 2022 Budgets.

“If in order for the prisoners to leave, we have to vote on the Budgets, we will vote them”, said Tuesday the leader of EH Bildu in an intervention in a colloquium in Eibar. Sánchez has responded to Casado with a “resounding no.” The president has regretted that “the right does not feel this [el fin de ETA] as a victory and always conveys a bitter vision of one of the great achievements of Spanish democracy as the end of violence forever. “” It is a success of Spanish democracy, “Sánchez pointed out, adding that although” it is It is true that there was a socialist president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, a lehendakari a socialist, Patxi López, and an Interior Minister like Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, is a success for all of us, including yours. ”

“We have never used terrorism when ETA existed and we are never going to use it now that it does not exist,” he concluded.


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