Sánchez denies that the Police and Civil Guard have Pegasus and the PNV advises him to "make sure"

Sánchez denies that the Police and Civil Guard have Pegasus and the PNV advises him to "make sure"

Pedro Sánchez denies that the Ministry of the Interior has the Pegasus software with which some 65 people linked to the Catalan and Basque independence movement have been spied on, of which only 18 interventions had judicial authorization for the National Intelligence Center (CNI). "All my empathy for people who have been wiretapped without judicial permission," said the president, who has assured that "the Government has nothing to hide", before showing his "absolute confidence in the Security Forces and Bodies of the State” as well as in “the work of the CNI” in which he recalled that there has been a changeover precisely because of the espionage scandal. “That you say it is important and I take note for the time being,” the PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, told him, who had been interested in whether the Police and Civil Guard have the system that an Israeli company markets. “I would ask you to make sure you are well assured because it is a very invasive instrument,” the Basque deputy told him, warning that “the Government has to be careful because there are precedents” of uncontrolled elements in the security forces.

The talks of Cospedal and Villarejo, the prologue of the Kitchen operation for which the general secretary was not prosecuted

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The president has taken advantage of the control session to remember that he himself has been a "victim" of a hack with Pegasus. He has done it to murmurs from the right. "I appreciate the empathy of the popular bench and the far right," said Sánchez. "I am concerned that wiretaps may occur without judicial permission," said the socialist, who also alluded to the report that the Ombudsman will prepare to try to shed light on espionage. Meanwhile, the government has managed to buy time to calm things down.

Sánchez blames the Government for the delay in the meeting with Aragonès

Moncloa and the Generalitat have been unable for more than ten days to find a date for the meeting that Sánchez and Pere Aragonès promised to hold in the midst of the espionage scandal. "The Government is willing to meet with the president or the dialogue table when it also considers the Catalan side," said the socialist, discharging responsibility for the delay on the Government of ERC and Junts. That allusion was made in response to a question from the EH Bildu spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua, who asked him about how he intends to restore the majority of the investiture that is at risk.

And it is that the president has taken advantage of the session of control to the Government to insist that since he came to power the situation in Catalonia has calmed down. “When they governed they sent tweets, with us the national team can play in Catalonia without any problem”, he told the PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, who asked him what “concessions” he intends to make to the independence movement. Sánchez has reached out twice during the session of a survey published by La Vanguardia which indicates that 70% of Catalans do not consider independence to be a priority.

"It is nonsense to negotiate the investiture of a government with those who were being investigated for the danger they represented for Spain," Gamarra reproached Sánchez about the tapping of the telephones of independence leaders, including that of Aragonès, which coincided in the time with the conversations with ERC for the investiture. Gamarra has also insisted that the Executive knew that these punctures had occurred while Moncloa assures that "he neither knew nor should know".

"Despite the Villarejos, the destruction of computers, they were convicted of corruption in the National High Court," replied Sánchez, who has insisted on comparing the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo with that of Pablo Casado but also with that of Mariano Rajoy. "They are more aware of stopping that little notebook," he snapped at Gamarra in reference to the new audios revealed by El País in which Commissioner Villarejo talks with the then general secretary of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, about the annotations of the Box B kept by Luis Bárcenas. “The Government is in what matters to the Spaniards”, assured Sánchez, who has referred to the achievement of 20 million affiliates to Social Security, the rise to a thousand euros of the SMI, to the approval of the Minimum Vital Income, to the Vocational Training Law with a provision of 5,500 million euros, as listed, or the establishment of a reference price for gas that produces electricity. "The PP of today, yesterday and the day before yesterday practice the same denialist opposition: not against the Government but against the interest of the Spanish", he finished off.

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