Sánchez denies political reasons in the passage to phase 1 of the Basque Country

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, stressed on Wednesday that the move to phase 1 of many autonomous communities, including the Basque Country, was decided by "strictly technical" criteria and denied that there were political reasons to make this decision.

Sánchez responded in this way, in the session of control of the Congress, to the PNV spokesman in the Congress, Aitor Esteban, who has considered "serious and irresponsible" the accusations of those who have attributed to political reasons the passage to phase 1 of Euskadi.

The decisions made by "the health authority" deciding in which phase each territory remained or what phase passed have responded to "technical, only technical and strictly technical criteria, not political at all," said Sánchez, who added that "we are talking health and saving lives. "

Sánchez has also assured Esteban that the Government has not recentralized "any type of competencies", after hearing from the PNV spokesperson that they are concerned about this issue.

Earlier, Aitor Esteban has warned the president that "there can be no restrictions in the field of rights, nor restrictions or changes in the institutional competence rights according to the constitutional order," nor can it be used to make reforms with that intention.

On the other hand, Sánchez has emphasized that the state of alarm is for the Government "a necessity and not a political project" and has therefore defended maintaining it.

He considered that it is necessary to move towards this "new normal" with a "different state of alarm" to complete this stage.

And once achieved, he added, the political debate should take place to "strengthen coordination mechanisms so that the outbreaks are as few as possible."

On the other hand, Sánchez has insisted that the autonomous administrations have maintained their powers, as evidenced by the fact that health management has remained in the hands of the autonomous governments, and has underlined the "extraordinary collaboration" between administrations, giving as an example that of the Ertzaintza with the other security forces.

For his part, Aitor Esteban has warned the president that it is necessary to "clarify as soon as possible" what is the European position on financing, so that the different institutions know what margins they will have in the recovery.

And after remembering that the institutions will be the "protagonists" of said recovery, he has asked the president to convene "as soon as possible" the Basque concert commission.

The PNV spokesperson stressed that the Congress reconstruction commission should be aimed at improving the socio-economic bases, because it was not done after the 2008 crisis and these bases are now very weak, so that every gale that may come from wild beasts calls into question,

And he believes that trying to reform health and dependency issues in the midst of a pandemic and without the "necessary serenity" is not the most appropriate thing. "In times of trouble it is better not to move," he added.


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