Sánchez defends that raising the SMI or creating the minimum vital income boosts the "economic benefit"

Pedro Sánchez raises the flag of strong public services in the face of the catastrophes that Spain has faced in recent months - from the pandemic to the eruption of the volcano on La Palma through fires or floods - but also the welfare state as a driver of the bonanza economical. "Approve the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), which already protects more than 800,000 compatriots who did not have any type of benefit or very few; approve measures that close the gap in wage inequality between men and women, as done these months; continue advancing in the Minimum Living Wage is not only a matter of social justice and dignity, it also entails an undoubted economic benefit ", the president has defended.

Escrivá specifies that he does not consider extending the retirement age after his words about working until age 75

Escrivá specifies that he does not consider extending the retirement age after his words about working until age 75

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Sánchez has spoken this way in the framework of one of the Dialogues on the Future that Moncloa has organized in collaboration with other institutions and that this time dealt with work and in which he has taken the opportunity to confirm that the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the rise in the SMI that the Government agreed with the unions and from which the employer's association declined. In his speech, he insisted on the need to reach agreements with social agents, emphasized that in recent months eleven have been reached and has expressed hope that this week one will close on the expansion of the ERTE, even though the negotiation is stuck.

"Progress must be based on social cohesion, intergenerational solidarity giving opportunities to those who today do not have them, young people, and strengthening real and effective equality between men and women," said Sánchez, who has opted for "redistributive policies" and a "strong State" that guarantee "high standards of equity" that make possible "the two great transformations" that, as he has said, businessmen already take for granted: "the digital revolution and the ecological transformation."

Sánchez has defended that renewing the productive market in this direction will "require intense and constructive dialogue on what active employment policies should be, renew our labor framework and promote public-private collaboration." He has also specially emphasized the need to promote Vocational Training so that there are profiles adapted to the "new economy" that Spain currently lacks, as explained by Sánchez and subsequently asserted by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz.

The president has defended that the catastrophes that Spain has to face allow to draw several lessons, among which he has highlighted the need to make politics a "useful tool" and to strengthen public services in what he has defined as "democracies solid ". "We must cultivate the union and banish the tension," he said in an act in which the mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, of the PP, and the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, of the PRC participated. Sánchez has not missed the opportunity to make Pablo Casado ugly to maintain the blockade of the renewal of institutions such as the Judiciary. "Solid democracies imply that we renew the institutions complying with the constitutional mandate," he pointed out before recalling that the CGPJ dragged 1,028 days of blockade.

In addition to dialogue and social cohesion, Sánchez has also opted for Europe as "security" for the welfare state. "Separated we are small in a world of giants and together we will be able to condition the future of the world during the next years", he has defended.

At that point, he took the opportunity to congratulate the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz for his victory in the German elections. "Yesterday triumphed what a great progressive thinker, Fernando de los Ríos, always claimed, the revolution of respect understood as the dignity of people," said the president. "Spain and Germany were united in our Europeanism and now the opportunity is opening to be united in the color and orientation of our governments and it is precisely that we promote a green and fair economic recovery," he added.


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