Sánchez defends a minimum rate of 15% in companies and “fair taxation” to have “powerful public services”

Pedro Sánchez maintains a strong defense of “fair taxation” as the formula to sustain the welfare state in which it includes the imposition of a minimum rate of 15% on corporate tax, which has become one of the battles to internal level in the negotiation of the General State Budgets of 2022. Unidos Podemos has not yet received the ‘yes’ to the inclusion of this measure, although since the socialist part is willing to incorporate it as an “adjustment” before the great tax reform for which they await the report of the experts, who have until February to present their proposal.

Sánchez defends that raising the SMI or creating the minimum vital income boosts the "economic benefit"

Sánchez defends that raising the SMI or creating the minimum vital income boosts the “economic benefit”

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The Prime Minister maintains that citizens are increasingly asking for social democratic recipes to overcome crises or face calamities such as the pandemic based on the latest electoral processes in Norway or Germany. “We need economic resources, a fair and sufficient and stable taxation to pay [los servicios públicos]”He said.” Whoever says that powerful public services and public investments are possible to modernize our economy without fair taxation is either lying or has a hidden purpose of dismantling public services, “he concluded.

And within the framework of fair taxation, Sánchez has referred to “the important advances” that have occurred in the international arena, especially in the framework of the G20 thanks to the impulse of the Biden Administration, to reach an agreement that has defined as “unprecedented, unimaginable” that large multinational companies “pay taxes in the countries where they operate, and that it also establishes a corporate tax of at least 15%.” “An agreement that I hope will be ratified at the next G-20 Summit, so that the international tax architecture is more stable and fairer and we eradicate tax havens once and for all,” said the president in his speech at the closing of the III Foro de la Toja. Establishing a minimum rate of 15% in corporate tax is one of the commitments of the coalition agreement on tax matters and one of the requirements of the minority partner in the negotiation of next year’s accounts, whose approval in the Council of Ministers will be is fundamentally delaying for the disagreement in the regulation of rental prices.

Sánchez has pointed out that the solution to some conflicts, such as global warming, has to come from the hand of the great powers and has defended that the EU ally itself on some specific issues to operate as one of them. Thus, he has referred to the increase in the price of electricity, which is one of his biggest headaches. Spain wants the EU summit to address this issue at the next leaders’ meeting. “As you know,” he said, the Government of Spain has presented a proposal to the European Commission to provide a common response to the rise in wholesale energy prices. ”

The president has defended that “if the joint purchase of vaccines worked”, the EU should increase its “negotiating power” by making a “joint purchase” of energy as well as promoting “a strategic gas reserve in Europe”.

The socialist has celebrated the substantial improvement in the situation in the last twelve months, since his last participation in that forum, and among the data that he has valued is the reduction in unemployment, which he has assured that it will give good news in the data to be made public on Monday. Even so, he has assured that he does not want to fall into “complacency” in the face of what he has called the “harsh reality” that he has described with some data, such as that 26% of the population is at risk of exclusion or that the poverty rate child stands at 27.4%, among others.

Because, has once again made a plea in favor of social measures as the Minimum Living Income, which has been defined as a new pillar of the welfare state, as a mechanism to generate economic benefit. “Social exclusion undermines economic growth and coexistence. It has a political impact because it weakens our democracy and undermines trust in democratic institutions – he has reflected -. Eliminating inequalities not only strengthens coexistence, trust in our democracy and institutions. that the Constitution gives us but also boosts economic growth. ” Sánchez has given as an example that “reducing school dropout by 10% could increase productivity, which is one of the main Achilles heels of the Spanish economy, by up to 5%.”

Slap on the wrist for lack of women

In his speech, he has also advocated for effective equality between men and women in the framework of social cohesion and ended up giving the organization a slap on the wrist. La Toja forum due to the lack of parity in the sessions – in which only nine of the more than forty participants have been women.

“When we look back and look at the official images from 20, 30 or 40 years ago, there are many things that shock us: clothing, the presence of tobacco in public spaces … But the most striking thing about old official photos is that only 50% of reality would appear: because women were outside. Women were in family photos, in images of private life, but women did not exist in public life, “he said at the end. That is why, I thank you once again for the invitation to this important forum in which I have always been present and to which I will always go and for that reason I allow myself to share a suggestion: since here we are talking about the future, it is worth increasing the female presence because there is no future without women. Because the real difference between the past and the future is the absence and presence of women. ”


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