Sánchez criticizes that the contribution of the PP in Brussels has been "non-existent" and Casado accuses him of achieving "a third" of what was promised

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado have met again in Congress this Wednesday, this time after the agreement in the EU for the reconstruction funds that have been an accolade for the Government. The socialist party has received the standing president with a great ovation to which the PP has responded with a long applause when the intervention of the opposition leader, who has demanded "humility" of Sánchez, has ended. "It has come with a rescue plan and a third of the bear's skin," Casado has told him about the total amount of funds since the Executive's initial proposal was for it to amount to 1.5 billion euros, compared to 750,000. authorized by the European Council.

"This agreement is 95% satisfactory for our country, 100% satisfactory for the whole of the European Union", Pedro Sánchez replied, beginning his reply with an irony: "Yesterday we saw that Adenauer, Monnet and Schuman are here and Pablo Casado as parents of the European Union ". The president has repeated on several occasions that the European summit has meant "five strenuous working days" in which he has been "very aware of what was said in Spain" and has seen that the main opposition party has not done so " nothing at all to lean on the shoulder. " "Does your contribution to this collective Spanish achievement know what it has been? Non-existent," he reproached him.

Casado has celebrated the achievement of European funds, although at the same time he has said that it is "a full-blown rescue". It has also undermined the work carried out by Sánchez, who has called "passive listening", and has attributed the success to the efforts of "three women of the PP" in reference to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the president of the Commission European, Ursula Von der Layen, and the President of the ECB, Christine Largarde. "Spain is not for self-promotion ceremonies," the PP leader has told him, who has assured that the agreement is "an amendment to his government agreement with Podemos and his pacts with nationalists and Bildu." "He will have to choose between complying with Europe or its partners," Casado has warned him.

"Your contribution has been 0%. Make him look," replied Sánchez, who has once again demanded that Casado abandon the "anger and tension" and try to "build bridges and reach agreements" in the next political course. In addition, he regretted that it is "so easy" to reach pacts in the EU and "so difficult to achieve them here in Spain". "With you something else," he said in his response to the spokesman for Citizens, Edmundo Bal, "but with the PP, impossible because it is blending in with the extreme right." However, socialists and popular have closed an agreement for the documents on the EU and health in the framework of the reconstruction commission that is voted on Wednesday.

The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has accused the PP of having "worked against the interests of Spain" during the negotiations of the EU reconstruction plan that was agreed on Monday morning after several days of intense negotiations in Brussels. "Despite their flags, they are already known as the Dutch Party, what a shame," said the vice president.

Iglesias has thus responded to the PP's organization secretary, Teodoro García Egea, during the control session of the Government in Congress. The 'number two' of Pablo Casado has asked Iglesias for some "self-criticism" after the results of the elections in Galicia and the Basque Country on July 12. "Your purpose in the Government is to prove that it is a fraud. You came to regenerate politics and you are the emperor of the sewers. You have obtained very bad results for Podemos and in Galicia they have taken out the red card," García pointed out. Aegean.

The first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has also reprimanded the conservatives for their position during the interrogation of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and, specifically, has asked her to comply with article 122 of the Constitution facilitating the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which has been blocked for almost two years.

Calvo has also been asked about the situation of the monarchy. The deputy of EH Bildu Jon Iñarritu has asked him if the Government is considering a referendum on the model of the State before the scandals that affect the Royal House, which has resembled a series of Netflix. The vice president has ruled out that there may be a referendum on monarchy or republic because it does not figure in the electoral programs of the majority parties that would have to support that constitutional reform. "The head of state is not in question in this country," said Calvo, who told the pro-independence parliamentarian: "What has to happen every day is that both you and I respect the constitutional framework."


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