June 21, 2021

Sanchez creates a High Commissioner to boost the Entrepreneur Nation with Francisco Polo in front

Secretary of State for Digital Advance in the first Government of Pedro Sánchez, Polo had been left out of the structure of the new Coalition Executive until the creation of this high commissioner.

Since June 2017 he has been responsible for the area of ​​Entrepreneurship, Science and Innovation in the Federal Executive of Pedro Sánchez, although he had previously worked for the party as technical advisor first in the Secretariat of International Policy and later in the Secretariat of Organization.

Polo is known for having created the Actuable online activism platform in January 2010, which in 2011 went from having 80,000 to 680,000 registered users. Among some of his achievements is having managed to mobilize with his signature more than 150,000 citizens to reject the reform of the Constitution without a previous referendum.

Actuable and Change.org subsequently reached an agreement to join and create the world’s largest online activism platform, of which Francisco Polo was director for Spain.


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