Sánchez confirms the extension of the anti-crisis plan for another three months while United We Can demand more measures

"For four years, Spain has had an exemplary government." Pedro Sánchez has taken advantage of the ephemeris of the motion of censure to address the socialist deputies and senators whom he has tried to encourage at a time when the PSOE is going down. The President of the Government has accused the right of trying to create that climate as a method to come to power, but he has asked his people to continue working on the "social agenda". In fact, he took the opportunity to announce that the Government will extend the anti-crisis plan for three more months, which expires on June 30 and which includes measures such as the fuel discount, the reduction in taxes on electricity, the increase in the Minimum Vital Income or the prohibition of raising rents more than 2%.

The confirmation occurs less than 24 hours after Sánchez himself was willing to do so and ensured that the Ministry of Finance is analyzing the situation. The minority coalition partner has argued that the package includes novelties, as a fund for city councils and communities that allows transport passes to be reduced to 10 euros, and that is extended until the end of the year. The president's announcement closes the door to that duration, but what Moncloa does not clarify is whether the package will be identical to the one he carried out in April thanks to the favorable vote of EH Bildu. “We are going to analyze in case we have to make any adjustments or improvements. Substantially it would be the same, but it is a new decree”, state government sources. Despite these measures, inflation has picked up again to 8.7% in May for food and fuel. More than 60% of gas stations have raised prices that dilute the bonus of 25 cents approved by the Government.

"Let's see if those who say they love Spain prove it by loving the Spanish and approving measures that are good for the Spanish," said Sánchez after the announcement of the extension in a clear message to the PP, which voted against the decree . And it is that he has dedicated a good part of his speech to trying to dismantle the strategy of the right whose "only purpose", in his opinion, "is to generate noise." “Why does he do that? They seek to discourage and demobilize progressive Spain as they have always done in the opposition," said Sánchez, convinced that the right and far right seek to "overwhelm citizens with a deafening noise" that allows them to position themselves as the "solution". With this tactic, the PP seeks not to talk about what the Government is doing, according to Sánchez, who has vindicated the work that the PSOE did when it arrived in Moncloa with just 89 deputies as well as the management of the coalition.

Sánchez asks his own to claim the management

“They know what is being done and they don't want it to be known. That is why they feed tension”, said the socialist leader. “We know what the method is, its purpose, what can we do? Don't fall into his trap. We cannot play their game, we must argue with passion and conviction, without shouting and with serenity our political action. Insist on speaking over and over again about what matters to the citizenry”, said the president, who used a large part of his speech to review some of the measures approved both when he governed alone and by bipartisanship, with special emphasis on labor, pension and educational reform. "Faced with the strategy of muddying it up, all we have to do is persevere with the social agenda," he insisted.

"The PSOE is here to improve the lives of citizens and so that some do not get smart at the expense of that majority", he expressed in his speech in which he has claimed the "spirit" of that motion of censure which he claims to remain "faithful" in a period in which the relationship with the allies is not going through its best moment. “It strengthened the institutions and Spanish democracy”, he has said about the tool that allowed Mariano Rajoy to be unseated.

“We are changing people's lives for the better. We are doing it”, he reiterated with determination to encourage a PSOE that faces elections in Andalusia in less than three weeks with no expectations of governing and with the fear that the growth of the right will end the mandate of the coalition in a year and a half.

"We are going to continue to comply with the set of commitments acquired with the citizens," said Sánchez, who has listed some of the 140 legislative initiatives that the Government has under its belt and among which he has cited some such as the euthanasia law or the child protection law, among others.

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