Sánchez commits 1.35 billion in 2025 against the climate emergency in developing countries

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has claimed in his speech before the plenary of the climate summit that is being held these days in Glasgow that the meeting represents "a turning point" in the fight against the climate emergency. Sánchez, who has inaugurated the round of speeches by the main world leaders who have attended the event, has stated that it is necessary "a new international order that recognizes the role of all actors, governments, citizens, companies and the financial sector, as essential agents of change ". Sánchez has promised to increase by 50%, to 1,350 million, Spain's contribution to the Green Climate Fund to help the less wealthy countries fight against climate change.

The UN climate report is an almost ignored red alert: "The world listens but doesn't act enough"

The UN climate report is an almost ignored red alert: "The world listens, but does not act enough"

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Sánchez has participated this Monday in the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow (United Kingdom), which he has attended together with 120 world leaders for a decisive international appointment. In his speech, Sánchez has maintained that "the good news" before the crucial appointment is that the leaders know "what to do." The not so good, that it takes "political determination and immediate action" to get it started, something that the chief executive has demanded.

The President of the Government has outlined the initiatives taken by Spain to fulfill its part of the commitments acquired in the many summits that have already been held to try to stop climate change and its consequences on the planet, including the human being. "We must align investments with the objective of climate neutrality," he assured. For this reason, he added, Spain has approved "the first law on climate change and ecological transition", in addition to "allocating almost 30,000 million in three years" for that ecological transition. "It is the best expression of our political will," he said.

Sánchez has also called for "raising the level of ambition" to "regain confidence between the countries of the north and the south." The president has pledged to "increase climate finance" and reach by 2025 the goal of contributing "1.35 billion euros per year" to the Green Climate Fund, where the richest countries want to contribute up to 100 billion dollars to enable the energy transition to the least developed countries.

Sánchez has also pledged to strengthen Spain's foreign action, with the contribution of 30 million euros to the UN adaptation fund, destined for developing countries. 20% of their "special drawing rights" will be allocated to that same group of States.

The President of the Government has closed the intervention with a final plea to "work together so that this COP represents the turning point that promotes a true change of course" in the fight against the climate emergency, "with an action of solidarity, forceful and urgent ". "An action that closes the inequality gaps and allows everyone to perceive the benefits of climate action and ecological transition," he concluded.


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