Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Sánchez comes out alive from Colón

Sánchez sale vivo de Colón

The block of Seville I wanted to knock down Pedro Sánchez in the Plaza Colón de Madrid after twenty truly fateful days for the Socialist Government. Twenty days under the sign of Venezuela Y Catalunya. Twenty days of very strong polarization of public opinion with an energetic questioning of the legitimacy of the current Government by the main leaders of the opposition. The block of Sevilla -Partido Popular, Citizens Y Vox- I wanted to knock out Sánchez in Colón and he has not succeeded. There was no yesterday destitute momentum in the capital of Spain.

Married, Rivera and Abascal are exhibited in group at the end of the act in Colón

The concentration that took place in the most spacious square in the center of Madrid to defend the unity of Spain and demand the immediate convocation of elections mobilized thousands of people, but there was no human tide expected by the organizers. There was no oceanic manifestation. Forty-five thousand people, according to the government delegation in Madrid. About two hundred thousand, according to the voluntarist calculation of the organizers. The same number of people who demonstrated for the unity of Spain in the same place on October 7, 2017, at the height of the Catalan crisis. On that occasion, the government delegation, then under the control of the Popular Party, estimated the number of attendees at 50,000. That is the unit of measurement. Fifty thousand people in Colon after a high-voltage media psychodrama that sought to knock out the President of the Government. Politically it is a prick.

First lesson of what happened yesterday in Madrid: there is not a strong demand for political drama in Spain, despite the many accumulated ills. Today a dissatisfaction agitation on the street is not possible. The way for the dismissal of the president is still in Parliament: the motion of censure.

The triple alliance of Seville is uninhibited in Madrid, on the eve of the trial of 1-O

One thing is the media tension, the increasingly trepidante character of political narration in radio, television, digital press and social networks, and another, the social demand for political drama. Perhaps the most important message of yesterday's event in Madrid is that society will wait for elections to express itself. That is the real test of fire for President Sánchez: to determine the time of the general elections in a context of evident political crisis. The power to propose to the King the dissolution of Parliament is the key to Spanish presidentialism. Not all European prime ministers have that lever.

Second lesson. The block of Seville has been embodied in Madrid. The strategic convergence Partido Popular-Ciudadanos-Vox has been uninhibited, when just one month ago one of its members (Citizens) did everything possible to disguise the triple alliance in the Andalusian Parliament. Albert Rivera, the aspiring Spanish Macron, tried to convince society that his party had no dealings with the rampant formation of the extreme right. Yesterday he had no problem in photographing with Santiago Abascal in the presidency of the act. What happened in barely a month? Venezuela. The trigger Venezuela. The attraction of the moment Caracas. The belief, aroused by some media, that the demonstration convened in Colón could knock down Sánchez at the worst moment of his nine months in office.

Sánchez raffles off the street test, but faces a crucial week

The moment could seem opportune. The evident shipwreck of the vice-president Carmen Calvo in the negotiation with the Catalan independentistas. The likely blockage of budgets next Wednesday in Congress. The manifest state of panic of prominent territorial leaders of the PSOE after the elections in Andalusia. Catalonia, always Catalu-nya. The significant warning of Angel Gabilondo, candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid. The blatant belligerence of Alfonso Guerra against the current secretary general. The darts of Felipe González in the most sensitive moments, always with good aim. The manifest media isolation of Sánchez during the last week. The imminent opening of the trial in the Supreme Court. Someone believed that this combination of adverse factors could be transformed into a destitute moment. It does not seem that this is the result of the demonstration yesterday in Colon.

Vox was the winner of the day. A party that still has no representation in Congress is marking the agenda of the two political formations that claim to be center-right. Vox managed to be placed yesterday at the same level as Popular Party and Citizens. The ideological framework of the demonstration was his. The aforementioned concentration on October 7, 2017 in Colón, convened by the foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation, already bore the Vox seal. It was written, Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera worked yesterday for Santiago Abascal. The candidate for mayor of Barcelona Manuel Valls, who attended the demonstration, avoided going to the presidential gallery. Inés Arrimadas was not present in Colón after losing in Barcelona the plane that had to transport her to Madrid, according to the version offered by Ciudadanos.

Budgets are on the way to blocking; Moncloa weighs elections in May

The act did not have a deep voice. There was no agreement between the parties for the Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa to read a unitary manifesto. (Vargas participated in an act of the recent Popular Party convention and that did not please Citizens). Rivera did not want to share a speakers' platform with Abascal. Finally three journalists read a document.

Sanchez comes out alive from Colon, but with tremendous problems on the immediate horizon. The demonstration was not oceanic, but indicative of a high level of political excitement of its adversaries. The malaise within the PSOE is not healed. Felipe González will never be your ally. The media isolation will continue to pursue him. Next Wednesday, Sanchez is playing budgets in Congress and at this time it is most likely that he loses them.

The president comes out alive from Colon and continues to meditate on elections in May.

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