June 17, 2021

Sánchez calls the PP anti-system because of the blockade of the Judiciary and Casado assures that he does not pressure him with the “outrage” of reform

The proposal to reform the law to circumvent the veto of the PP The renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has starred in a good part of the government control session. He has taken over the scuffle between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado, who has accused him of carrying out a legal “outrage” with that proposition that PSOE and United We can registered this Tuesday. “No one is pressuring me, least of all someone like you,” the head of the opposition has snapped, who has also demanded the dismissal of Pablo Iglesias as second vice president as a minimum condition to negotiate the reform of the organic law of the Judiciary. The president has shown his “absolute confidence” in Iglesias and has described the main opposition party as “anti-system” for its refusal to comply with the mandate to renew the CGPJ.

PSOE and United We can register the reform to reduce the majority to renew the Judicial Power and limit its functions with the expired mandate

PSOE and United We can register the reform to circumvent the veto to the renewal of the Judiciary and PP, Vox and Citizens announce resources

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Casado has lashed out at the president for trying to carry out a reform “a la Polish” of the governing body of judges – which PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have already announced that they will appeal– and has assured that it will not allow it to introduce an “accused party” in reference to Podemos, which it has also accused of not respecting the king and of defending “batasunos, pro-independence and Bolivarian”.

In a gruff tone, Casado has accused Sánchez of “lying” with the number of deaths and with the National Security reports –in reference to the publication in El Mundo of cut phrases of those writings in the stage before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Spain. He has also taken the opportunity to ask him to withdraw the state of alarm in Madrid, understanding that the figures have improved and that the Government has changed the conditions to maintain it.

“In Europe they already see this country as a failed state but they are wrong. The only failed state is you as prime minister,” Casado concluded.

“We will not enter into their provocations at all,” Sanchez replied, to whom a parliamentarian yelled “hooligan!” before he started to speak. The president has reproached the PP for complying with the Constitution “half as appropriate or not” and that is why it keeps the CGPJ, the Ombudsman or the Constitutional Court blocked. “Since the PP presides, it has ceased to be a state party, it is an anti-system party, which does not comply with the Constitution,” Sánchez continued. “He has dragged his party into the strategy of a tense, provocative opposition, which is what the extreme right is doing in this country,” said the president, who has placed the main opposition party behind the extreme right.

VIDEO | Sánchez, to Casado: “This is a government that has neither prosecuted, nor convicted, nor accused”

“A few days before the motion of censure, we do not know what the PP is going to do in favor against or put itself in profile. Rectify, meditate, before it is too late for you and your party,” he advised.

The president has also taken advantage of the question that the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has asked him to attack the opposition strategy of the PP leader. “Look at what you are doing opening the door to the extreme right,” the Prime Minister has told Casado, whom he has accused of joining the “strategy of tension and insults” of the extreme right. “I urge you to rectify, to center your party, to moderate,” Sánchez insisted, addressing the president of the PP at all times.

After the Vox leader returned to defend the motion of censure that his group has registered in Congress and that will be debated next week, Sánchez has once again mentioned Casado: “Mr. Abascal, we’ll see what support your motion of censorship next week and that is why I ask Mr. Casado not to get carried away by the strategy of tension on the extreme right and reject the motion, “he concluded.

Abascal has defended precisely that motion of censure that will not prosper. “We are alert to you, in the face of the setback of rights and freedoms that you have brought to Spain, for the pleasure that they have taken in the states of exception,” the leader of the extreme right has told him, who has assured that the Executive is “Against the rule of law, against constitutional order.”

Sánchez has reminded him that the Government is “legitimate” since it received the vote of the Spanish and has taken the opportunity to boast of its operation compared to that of the Community of Madrid, seconded externally by Vox. “For you it would be necessary to outlaw half of the media, half of the Chamber’s media … that has a name,” Sánchez replied.

The face-to-face between the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, and the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has developed in the same climate of cross reproach as between Sánchez and Casado. The popular leader has considered that the “most remarkable political activity” of the vice president “has been to provide protection to Iglesias in their judicial proceedings.” “Being such a feminist you are striking that you support the macho attitude of the vice president in the case of Dina,” he told her, causing a loud boo on the left bench. In Gamarra’s view, the government intends to “supplant” democracy “with a populist regime.”

“Democratic quality has many ingredients but it has one, compliance with the norm, to begin with the Constitution,” Calvo responded, referring again to the PP’s refusal to negotiate reforms such as the CGPJ and other constitutional bodies.

On the reform to reduce the majority necessary to renew the Judicial Power, blocked by the PP since 2018, Gamarra has accused the Government of exercising “despotism” against the citizens. “You are a fraud, you do not respect the separation of powers and want to kill Montesquieu again,” he remarked.

“Tranquility, you remind me of another colleague of yours who preceded you,” Calvo replied, referring to Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, who was relieved by Casado in August, when he elected Gamarra as a spokesperson in Congress. The vice president recalled the legislative reform promoted by the PP in 2012 to be able to renew the CGPJ when there was no political agreement and has accused the popular of entering “into a spiral that is inexplicable and unintelligible.” “Fulfill the role of the state party that you have exercised in the last 40 years and stop doing the work to the extreme right,” Calvo has asked.


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