Sánchez believes that the king emeritus owes "an explanation" after the report of the Prosecutor's Office

Pedro Sánchez believes that the emeritus king owes an explanation to the Spanish after the Prosecutor's Office has taken for granted that he became rich during his reign and also later with its back to the Treasury, although it has archived the investigations because it was inviolable, the facts have prescribed or it has regularized the situation before the Tax Agency in these months.

The Prosecutor's Office closes the investigations into Juan Carlos I alleging that the crimes prescribed

The Prosecutor's Office closes the investigations into Juan Carlos I alleging that the crimes prescribed

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"You must give an explanation to the Spanish," said the president in an informal conversation with journalists on the plane to Latvia, where he will visit the NATO detachment in which Spain participates. What he does not want to go into is the format in which the former head of state should be accountable and considers that it is a decision that falls to the emeritus: “I do not get into the how. You have to clarify all the information that we have been knowing and that comes in the report of the Prosecutor's Office, which portrays a series of behaviors ".

Sánchez met on Monday afternoon of the decision of the emeritus and Zarzuela to remain permanently in Abu Dhabi, although he "frequently" visits Spain. "I was informed by the Royal House of the meaning of the letter, not the content," explained the president, who places in an "agreement" of "the kings" everything related to the return of Juan Carlos I to national territory and which, according to the letter released by Zarzuela, will be limited to the "private sphere". The Royal House released the content hours after communicating it to Moncloa, although the letter is dated Saturday.

The chief executive limits himself to making "acknowledgment of receipt" of the decision. "What is not acceptable is the information that we have learned, which is disappointing," he insisted. In his letter, the former head of state only makes a small allusion to that behavior that he says he "sincerely" regrets but that he frames in "past events" of his "private life."

Sánchez has reiterated that the transparency measures that the Government wants the Royal House to implement will be reported when a decision is made. For now, the new regulations of the Crown or the withdrawal of the inviolability of the monarch in his private life remain in a drawer. "It doesn't just affect us. It is another institution”, he justified. Some government sources admit the slowness of the House of the King to carry out the changes that they consider necessary to improve its public image after the scandals of the emeritus.

On the crisis in the coalition: "What we have in front of us is so big that it transcends differences"

Asked about the crisis in the coalition as a result of the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, Sánchez has tried to minimize the clash with Podemos. “I understand the question, but what we have in front of us is so big and so serious that the situation transcends differences”, the president responded, convinced that “the social majority is with the Government” in its position against Vladimir Putin. “The internal dynamics may be of interest”, he told reporters, “but the debate must be relocated”. In any case, he acknowledges that the ministers Ione Belarra and Irene Montero "this Monday qualified" his position, although he did not want to say if he believes it was because of the conversation they had with the head of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. The president spoke with the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and with the person in charge of Equality at the 8M event, but he has not done so with Belarra.

“The Government is going to do what it has to do, it is going to be where it has to be. We are clear about who is the aggressor and who is attacked”, he pointed out about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sánchez emphasizes the "unity" of both the EU and NATO, which he believes should be "supported" by taking advantage of the war situation. And he also considers that a "change in the international order" is taking place, in which the Atlantic alliance and the twenty-seven must strengthen their collaboration.

For that, he explained, the "informal dinner" to be held in Madrid during the NATO summit that will host in June will serve. “The Community of Madrid has become something very relevant in the history of NATO itself”, he stated about that summit in which the “2030 strategy” of the allies will be redefined.

Sánchez justifies his change of position regarding the shipment of weapons in the "evolution" of the war, but trusts the answer to "unity" within the EU and refers to future European councils for decisions such as new sanctions against Russia.

Regarding the increase in prices, especially energy, Sánchez refers to the decisions adopted in Brussels this week and maintains that the measures approved by the Government will be maintained until June, which amounts to 3,000 million euros of public investment , and considers that the supply interconnections that can be launched in Spain should be financed by the EU and include clean energies and not just gas. In the case of Spain, he says that the Algerian prime minister guaranteed him the supply during a recent conversation.

To Feijóo: “The time for ambiguity is over”

In a national key, he assumes that Alberto Núñez Feijóo will be the new leader of the PP, although he has not called him for "formalism". He will when he is formally elected. "He has said that he does not come to insult, that it is something that is appreciated," he joked.

But he warns the Galician president that "the time for ambiguity is over and the time for concreteness has arrived." Thus, he has welcomed the agreements that can be reached, including the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which he sees as "imperative." However, he considers that the acid test of the PP leader will be the investiture in Castilla y León, which will already take place "in his mandate."

“We are going to see if that first step is taken towards something unprecedented and serious, that there may be a regional government co-governed by the extreme right”, he pointed out. “These are problems that he will have to face. I hope that he reconsiders and reconsiders the offer that the PSOE has made to him”, he concluded in reference to the support that the Socialists are open to giving the PP if it breaks its agreements with Vox.

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