May 26, 2020

Sánchez Barcoj resigns to declare in the trial for the IPO of Bankia | Economy

Sánchez Barcoj resigns to declare in the trial for the IPO of Bankia | Economy

For the first time during the trial for the Bankia IPO, which has been going on for almost four months, one of the defendants, who was the entity's financial director, has decided not to declare. Ildefonso Sánchez Barcoj, right hand of Miguel Blesa and considered responsible for the management of the cards black Caja Madrid, said Monday that he does not know what he is accused of and has offered to answer the questions of his lawyer and the court.

Neither the court, chaired by Angela Murillo, nor his lawyer have asked any questions, so Sanchez Barcoj has risen from the chair in which the defendants declare and will do the witnesses and has returned to sit in the back benches . "I do not know the facts of which he is accused and, therefore, I am not going to ask any questions," his defense has said.

The lawyer of Sánchez Barcoj, who was sentenced to one year less one day in prison for the cards black, presented at the beginning of the trial a writ of recusation against the judges that form the court that judges the listing of Bankia (Murillo, María Teresa Palacios and Juan Francisco Martel). He accused them of "lack of impartiality" for keeping him as a defendant in the trial. The National Court rejected his claims. The Prosecutor's Office does not accuse Sánchez Barcoj, but private and popular accusations do.

The trial was resumed on Monday with the interrogation of former Bankia Araceli Mora, who last Wednesday answered the questions of the anti-corruption prosecutor Carmen Launa and today has continued with those of her lawyer. Mora charged last week against Deloitte's audit partner, Francisco Celma, for – according to his version – giving the directors information in 2012 and contradicting himself a year later when he declared in court. Celma, who is also indicted, said during the investigation that he warned the audit committee that there were reasonable doubts about the viability of the entity.

Mora, who was also a member of the audit and compliance committee of Bankia, has assured that the report in which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged a large Spanish bank to strengthen its balance sheet was made at the request of the Government, something that has described as "absolutely exceptional" and "very surprising, because (the IMF) never does." "It has been known five years later that the Government requested it," he added.

In the session on Monday also declared the former director of internal audit of Bankia, Miguel Ángel Soria Navarro, who explained, to questions only of his lawyer, that his work in the entity was limited to "provide value to the organization through the review of processes "and that did not have any participation either in the flotation or in the formulation of 2010 BFA accounts or in the preparation of the 2011 accounts or in the preparation of the prospectus or basically nothing. According to his account, he and his team simply "were waiting for things to be delivered" to the external auditor.

After a very detailed exposition of what they were and what were not their attributions in Bankia, Soria Navarro affirmed that he put "all the means" to facilitate the work to the auditor who was examining the 2011 accounts, which were finally sent to the National Commission of the Stock Market (CNMV) without the corresponding external audit report. "As an internal auditor, I put all the means and I think that nothing else I could do," he added.


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