January 22, 2021

Sánchez avoids talking about the investigation to Podemos and shows “maximum respect for the independence” of Justice

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has refused this Wednesday to pronounce on the investigation against Podemos opened in an investigating court in Madrid and has limited himself to showing his “maximum respect for the independence of the Judicial Power.” In a brief press conference after the usual summer dispatch with King Felipe VI in Palma, journalists have asked up to three times about the judicial process opened against the party of the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, for an alleged crime of embezzlement. The first time, Sánchez has shown his “respect” for the “independence” of Justice. The other two, the president has referred to his first answer.

We can report a "prospective research" and demands that the Madrid Court annul the case due to its financing

We can denounce a “prospective investigation” and demand that the Madrid Court annul the case due to its financing

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The 42nd Investigating Court of Madrid has opened an investigation based on the complaint filed by the former lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente, fired from the training in December 2019. Judge Juan José Escalonilla ordered in the last days of July a battery of stagecoaches which include the summons to testify as investigated (formerly accused figure) to some senior officials and party workers. These declarations will take place in November.

The indictments came one day after Calvente’s testimony. Before, the judge had already considered the party itself as a legal person as the accused. In between, the judge accepted the character of Vox as a popular accusation without demanding the mandatory bail.

Podemos has presented two separate appeals to claim the annulment of the case. In the first, he argues that two thirds of the recording of Calvente’s statement have disappeared. In the second, it adds a series of procedural and substantive defects that, in its opinion, should determine the invalidity of the proceedings or, where appropriate, the file of the instruction.

VIDEO | Sánchez, on the investigation of the financing of Podemos: “Maximum respect for the work of the Judiciary”

The investigation thus affects one of the parties that make up the government coalition. One of the defendants, Juan Manuel del Olmo, is an advisor to Pablo Iglesias in the Executive, as well as the Secretary of Communication of Podemos and the usual head of the campaigns. The PP has asked this Wednesday the resignation of Iglesias.

Sánchez, however, has chosen to remain silent on the matter, without offering any assessment beyond that respect for judicial independence that he has said to respect.

“Institutional stability” in the face of the pandemic

The President of the Government has also not responded to journalists’ questions about the possible whereabouts of Juan Carlos de Borbón, whose location is unknown to the Spanish after announcing his departure from Spain to try to protect, according to his words, the current Royal Household from the information. that have appeared in recent months that relate him to alleged commissions and opaque bank accounts in tax havens.

Sánchez has avoided responding to the conversation he had with Felipe VI at the Marivent Palace, one of the king’s family’s usual vacation destinations, arguing that “the dispatches with the head of state are confidential.”

The chief executive has succinctly mentioned in his initial speech that he has spoken with Felipe VI about the health, economic and social crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with special attention to the effects it is having on the tourism sector, although not has expressly mentioned it. In addition, he said, they have also addressed the situation in Lebanon after the explosion in the port of Beirut last week.

Sánchez did want to “convey” a message to society. “The more adverse and complex the situation, the more important the normal functioning of the institutions,” she said. “The institutional architecture has to provide solutions, offer a horizon of trust,” he added, to settle that it is necessary “to guarantee institutional stability to address the challenges facing society.”

Thus, the President of the Government has once again placed himself on the sidelines of the political initiatives that some of his allies have carried out, starting with his partner in the Executive, to try to promote a legislative change that allows both the Justice and the Legislative Power auditing and financially controlling the Royal Household, and even, as in some cases, promoting a debate on the State model itself and the need to review the validity of the Monarchy.


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