Sánchez avoids condemning the police action in Melilla and asks to trust the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ombudsman

Sánchez avoids condemning the police action in Melilla and asks to trust the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ombudsman

Pedro Sánchez confesses that he had not seen the images of the massacre at the Melilla fence when last Friday he said that the matter had been “well resolved”. Although he has regretted the death of more than thirty people, the president has insisted that it is also necessary to put himself in the "skin" of the agents of both the Moroccan gendarmerie and the Civil Guard and the National Police, whose actions he has avoided condemn. “We have to put ourselves in the shoes of each and every one of the actors in this tragedy that we have unfortunately suffered”, the socialist expressed in an interview on Cadena SER in which he assured that we must be “empathic” with the migrants while he has assured that in the last year "twelve violent attacks" have been perpetrated on the Melilla fence.

“You cannot reason about feelings”, he answered the question of whether these attempts to jump the fence pose a threat to the territorial integrity of Spain, although he later maintained that the Government's obligation is to ensure sovereignty as well as for the tranquility in the borders. "To avoid tragedies like the one in Nador, what we have to do is work in Sudan, which is the country from which these migrants come, who we have seen try to violently assault the fence," said the president, who has opted to work with the countries of origin and transit of migrants, such as Morocco and Mauritania. Sánchez recalled that the EU is the main donor in development cooperation in that region with 24,000 million euros.

The President of the Government has shaken off the pressure exerted by the minority partner to carry out an investigation into what happened last Friday at the Melilla fence and which claimed the lives of 37 people and has left it in the hands of the State Attorney General's Office and the Ombudsman in Spain. He has also referred to the Moroccan Prosecutor's Office and recalled that there are 30 people accused of collaboration and human trafficking. Moncloa puts the focus on the mafias. However, Morocco has tried to hide the traces of the corpses and planned to bury them without identifying or carrying out autopsies. “We have to trust the institutions”, Sánchez has requested, who has assured that there will be “collaboration” on the part of the Government.

Sánchez has taken for granted that the new strategic concept that NATO will approve at the summit that is being held these days in Madrid will incorporate the southern flank into the security strategy as a potential threat to the allies currently focused on the east, where Russia has spent in ten years from being a strategic partner to the main risk.

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