Sánchez asks to keep the alarm "for a few weeks" because "the most difficult remains"

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, said on Wednesday that "the goal is near" to break the pandemic and that "the hardest" has happened, but he has asked to maintain "a few more weeks" the restrictions of the state of alarm and that the parties act with unity because it remains "the most difficult and complex".

Sánchez has defended the extension of the state of alarm and the limitations that it entails in the plenary session of Congress, before which he has announced that the Government will declare national mourning when the majority of the country enters phase 1 of the de-escalation and that there will be a public tribute to the victims when normality returns.

With the votes guaranteed to achieve the fourth extension of the state of alarm, Sánchez stressed that in managing this crisis "there are no absolute successes, but there can be absolute errors."

For this reason, he emphasized that it would be "totally unforgivable" to revoke limitations on movement and restrictions on economic activity, as well as compromise aid in favor of the self-employed, SMEs, citizens and families.

"Surely, ladies and gentlemen, there have been delays and failures, but this is an action unprecedented in the history of democracy," Sánchez excused himself after reviewing the measures agreed upon since the state of alarm came into effect on March 14.

According to the data on the evolution of the pandemic, Sánchez has ventured that "the goal is near", but has reaffirmed the need to restrict "a few more weeks" the movements and meetings of family and friends and remain "vigilant".

"It remains now, not the hardest, but the most difficult and complex. Raising the state of alarm early would be to protect the Spanish," he warned.

For Sánchez, the state of alarm "is not a twisted resource of centralism or a ruse to limit liberties", but "a legal and fully constitutional weapon" whose purpose is "to save lives, Extremaduran and Catalan, Andalusian and Galician lives, from left and right. "

For this reason, he has called for unity because "it is not a time for reproach", but rather "to make a transcendental decision that will forever mark".

"You have to vote if we gradually descend or break ranks, if unity prevails or if everyone can prevail. And that is also a political and moral option. Over and above successes and errors in management, we will all measure ourselves by the ethical implications of the decision we made today, "he warned.

Any partisan purpose, he has continued, "is legitimate," but "within certain limits."

To face the coronavirus and its effects, there is a "single path", "the path of Europe and the path of union in Spain", said Sánchez, who said he had "a lot of hope" in the work of the agreed parliamentary commission to try to reach a great deal.

"Let us put aside the misgivings, let us make a point and aside, a parenthesis of cooperation and collaboration. We must renounce maximalisms and work discreetly," asked the president.

Sánchez has pointed out that it is necessary to make this effort because they owe it to the deceased, the sick, the health workers and, in general, to the entire population, who has praised their "responsible and exemplary" behavior.

In his opinion, Spain has been the country in the world that "more disciplined" has complied with the measures of confinement.


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