Sánchez asks to comply with the Constitution of “pe a pa” and United We can the label of “old suit”

Praises to the Constitution and a cross of reproaches with the Magna Carta as the protagonist. One more year Pedro Sánchez has appealed to the need to comply with the constitutional text, this time “from top to bottom”, although he has not introduced any message about its necessary reform after assuming that polarization and fragmentation make it impossible. Opposite, Pablo Casado, who was the recipient of the president’s message for the blockade of the Judiciary, has accused the Government of “suicidal revisionism” of the text approved today 43 years ago.

Batet charges in the act of the Constitution against the strategy "populist" of Vox and the "judicialization of politics" of PP

Batet charges in the act of the Constitution against the “populist” strategy of Vox and the “judicialization of politics” of the PP

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The head of the opposition was referring to Sánchez’s allies – he has not lost the opportunity to speak of the “homologation of the political arm of ETA” as a partner of the Executive – while Unidos Podemos has spoken of “an old suit” and has made clear his bet on a referendum for the republic.

“Today is a good day to vindicate and remember all the good things that the Constitution brought us after an infamous time,” said Pedro Sánchez upon his arrival in Congress: “It brought us rights and freedoms where there was a dictatorship then, it brought us harmony where Before there was hatred and tyranny, our membership of the EU brought us where before there was ostracism and isolation on the part of the country, “he added. The Prime Minister has taken the opportunity to “vindicate the actions” of the “thousands” of fathers and mothers who fought for the democratic Constitution. “The generations that now take the baton have to take care of our Constitution and that means complying with all the articles from beginning to end,” Sánchez finished his speech without questions from journalists in which he did not mention anything in particular, although the pressure of the Government is on the PP to renew the Judicial Power after three years expired.

Just a few minutes before, it was Casado who was speaking from the same microphone to claim the Magna Carta from a completely different prism: “The Constitution is not the problem, it is the solution to all the problems that Spain has.” For the leader of the PP, in recent months there have been “serious” attacks against it, such as the pardons to the prisoners of the procés or the “homologation of the political arm of ETA, of Bildu, approved as priority partners of the Government.” But, once again, the PP leader has seen his speech clouded by the internal war of his party, which has monopolized the majority of cliques between politicians and journalists. Madrid’s president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has not lost the opportunity to insist on the battle for control of the regional organization in her public statements.

United We Can has been represented by its ministers -except for the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, who like Nadia Calviño is in Brussels, and the head of Universities, Manuel Castells- and the members of the confederal group’s leadership, Jaume Asens and Gerardo Pisarello, who have proposed “to listen to the Spanish again” in the face of “various democratic challenges” such as the change in the electoral system, the federalization of the State, the plurality of the language, the shielding of social rights, the reversal of the last reform of the PP and PSOE of article 135 or the election of a republican or monarchical model. They have also attacked Casado for blocking the governing body of the judges.

But the Constitution has been little protagonist beyond those statements in an absolutely decaffeinated celebration that has again been held abroad and without the traditional cocktail on the occasion of the pandemic. The main topic of conversation in the groups of journalists and politicians revolved around the crisis of the PP. The spigot was opened by Ayuso herself when she asked before the cameras that the hypothetical electoral advances in Andalusia and Castilla y León do not affect the calendar of the regional congress, which she wants to be held as soon as possible while Genoa expands it.

It was not the best day for Pablo Casado after a survey in The world reflect a drop in your electoral expectations. “I hope that we will continue to be able to fight for such an important position so that when the elections come we are prepared,” the Madrid president has warned. The leader of the PP has ensured that the majority of polls place the PP in the lead with a margin of 20 seats over the PSOE. “The change is already unstoppable,” he assured.

The other issue that has crept into the talks has been the regional financing system after the Ministry of Finance sent the communities its proposal for the adjusted population on Friday, that is, the population terms to take into account the time to distribute the money. No president – of the eight who have attended – has been 100% happy with the model. However, the Socialists have been more benevolent. “It sounds good, at least it has a basis,” acknowledged Guillermo Fernández Vara, from Extremadura, regarding María Jesús Montero’s effort to send a model full of data. “You have to add something, but well,” Concha Andreu, from La Rioja, told reporters. “I like that the insularity puts in,” said the Canarian Ángel Víctor Torres in the absence of studying it in depth.

But skepticism was total in the case of the PP presidents, to whom they have “neither the document nor the forms”, despite the fact that Montero has been saying for months that he would send them a proposal that would serve as a basis for subsequent negotiation. “This government is not going to dare to approve a financing system other than the one ERC wants,” said Fernando López Miras, from Murcia. And Ayuso has taken the opportunity to sweep home: “Life is not easy in Madrid. A lot of taxes are paid. The economy in Madrid is better but I don’t want them to leave us behind.”


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