Sánchez asks the PSOE for an analysis of the success of the Emptied Spain among his electorate

Sánchez asks the PSOE for an analysis of the success of the Emptied Spain among his electorate

Sánchez asks the PSOE for an analysis of the success of the Emptied Spain among his electorate

The PSOE flees from catastrophism in the analysis of the results of the elections in Castilla y León. It has been helped by the expectations generated by the PP by summoning them, trusting in an absolute majority, and from which it has stayed far away. the socialists they have lost the first position, leaving about 118,000 votes, but they argue that they are only separated by 1.3 points from the conservatives and that they obtain around 30% of the votes, as in the last general elections. Ferraz attributes the fall of prosecutors to the irruption of the platforms of the Emptied Spain: Soria Ya! and Union of the Leonese People (UPL) have removed a total of four seats from the seven they have lost. Pedro Sánchez, who defended before the party leadership the campaign "from less to more" that Luis Tudanca carried out and which, in his opinion, was a few days away from taking off, has recognized the need to analyze what happened . The socialist leader has asked to study the causes of the success of these platforms in his electorate as well as the rise of Vox and how to combat the extreme right.

"We must analyze in detail and especially the impact of the platforms on our electorate," says a member of the Executive about the instructions they received this Monday from the socialist leader. What all the sources consulted agree on is that this Monday the management meeting served to express "more general reflections and data than specifics." "We will make him look at it," says a leader, who maintains that Sánchez has raised it as a kind of question to which the Socialists will have to find answers. The intention of the socialist leadership is to get down to work imminently: at the end of this week a meeting is scheduled with those responsible for the management area that are involved in this matter to start the reflection. "We have to see this identity issue that in the end becomes a summation and reduces the country's global discourse," says a socialist leader. Similarly, it is planned to create a working group to analyze the reasons for the rise of Vox to look for recipes that the PSOE has not found so far in its fight against the extreme right.

The irruption of Soria Ya! and the growth of UPL is the first response offered by the PSOE to justify the loss of support, although they do not formally point to a key as to why it has taken its toll on them. "The result that has been given responds in large part to this fragmentation of the vote because there have been platforms that have been presented and some citizens have understood that through them they could defend the interests of their territories," repeated the spokesman for the Executive, Felipe Sicilia. However, he has not answered why those who have been socialist voters have gone to those platforms: "They will have to ask the citizens who have voted for him."

Beyond the traditional appeal to the useful vote, the PSOE has avoided entering the 'melee' with the platforms of the Emptied Spain whose demands, the Socialists maintain, are those that they try to comply with from the Government. "Soria is the province with the most investment per capita from the Government," asserts a socialist leader. "The Government has a clear roadmap, never before has this issue been addressed from the State," says a member of the Executive about the decentralization of institutions launched to curb depopulation. "It has not been known how to explain," adds another consulted source, who considers that it has been voted "in terms of grievance."

"There were already voices of alarm", they recognize in Ferraz about the way in which the socialists had faced the irruption of those platforms in which, they assure, their people are: a left-wing profile that is part of the associative movements. "We have contributed", admit several consulted leaders, who remember that the logo of Soria Ya! It has been waving for a long time in the municipalities where the PSOE governs.

The one who has spoken about it more clearly in front of the microphones has been the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, who has pointed out that, in León and Soria, the socialists have been "excessively infected by the speeches they believe that localisms solve the problems of the territories". "We have to make a more community discourse, more global, and not promise miracles or miraculous solutions based on separating or claiming issues that lead nowhere. We have paid a high price there," he has expressed.

Despite the fact that Teruel Exists is the seed of the growth of the platforms of the Empty Spain -for having been "decisive" in the investiture and the legislature of Sánchez-, the PSOE tries to downplay what would happen in general. "Citizens will understand that the best way to defend their interests in the territory is through the PSOE and the best way to defend their rights and freedoms is also through the PSOE," Sicilia summarized. "These forces do not generate any change, they maintain the status quo", adds a socialist on the reasons why they believe that in future elections they will not have the same success.

In the socialist ranks they also minimize the impact that these platforms have in other places. "They are not new phenomena neither in León nor in Soria," says a leader about UPL, which has been presenting itself for years, and Soria Ya!, which has been operating for two decades as a citizen movement, "in fact, those that are have not obtained any result", he adds about Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca and Valladolid. With these wickers, the PSOE gets down to work to analyze what has happened to that electorate.

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