Sánchez asks Spaniards for "understanding and magnanimity" before the pardons

Pedro Sánchez has asked the Spaniards for "understanding and magnanimity" before the pardons of the independence leaders. In the same line that the members of the Government had done in recent days, the president launches himself into this pedagogical task in which he shows empathy with the thousands of people who admit that they have "objections" towards that decision, but he maintains that it is the right thing to do. better to repair the damages that occurred especially in 2017 with the disconnection laws, the referendum and the unilateral declaration of independence that was later annulled.

The Government applauds the "self-criticism" de Junqueras while the PP accuses him of "crush the coexistence"

The Government applauds the "self-criticism" of Junqueras while the PP accuses him of "crushing coexistence"

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"I understand that there may be citizens who have concerns about this decision that the Government of Spain may make, especially considering events that occurred in 2017 with the disconnection laws, the referendum, the unilateral declaration of independence and its annulment. I understand that there may be whoever has objections but I ask you to have confidence. We have to make a commitment to coexistence to repair those errors of 2017, "he explained at a press conference with the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández.

"We are going to build coexistence", has asserted Sánchez, for whom this commitment to "relaxation, coexistence and overcoming the crisis" requires "magnanimity" that he has asked both Spanish society and, specifically, Catalan , as well as "understanding" towards the steps taken by the Government. In this sense, he explained that the first thing will be a meeting in Moncloa with the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and "later" the dialogue table will be resumed, although he has avoided pronouncing on a date. "We will see when it has to be celebrated," he said. Another of the unknowns that the Executive has not yet cleared is whether the pardons will be granted before the meeting between the presidents or after.

Sánchez did not want to explicitly "veto" the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, at that dialogue table, but he has shown his preference for him not being there. Sánchez's argument is that the table belongs to governments and that, therefore, its members should be part of them. However, the first meeting was attended by people from outside the Generalitat, such as ERC deputies Marta Vilalta and Josep Maria Jové, Junts parliamentarian Elsa Artadi and the former chief of staff of Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra, Josep Rius. "It will allow me not to pronounce on this issue. I do not like to veto anyone. It is a table between governments, but I insist we do not start well if in the answer I say that this person has to be there or not, we have to transcend these debates" , has responded to questions from the media. Nevertheless, the Government itself has cooled the possibility that Junqueras sits at that dialogue table.


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