June 14, 2021

Sánchez asks “not to fail the citizenship” now that “seeing the light” begins

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has once again made an appeal to the entire Congress to support the fourth extension of the state of alarm, because now that “the light” and the “end of the road” are beginning to be seen in the fight against the coronavirus politics cannot “fail the citizenry”.

“We are defeating the virus, but we are still fragile, let’s not forget this point,” Sánchez said at the end of his shift to reply to the matches.

For this reason, he explained, just now that we enjoy “some relief, the result of collective work” and a “victory” that is still “partial”, you cannot “abandon” the citizenry.

Pedro Sánchez has considered that Spain has worked in a “perfect chain”. “Right now that we are beginning to see the light, that we are beginning to see the end of the road, politics cannot be the missing link in that chain,” he insisted.

“We are up to the task. I ask you for seriousness, responsibility and support for the state of alarm,” concluded the Prime Minister.


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