August 5, 2020

Sanchez asks for "good sense" because the 2019 Budgets is a shared task

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, today appealed to the "wisdom" of all the parliamentary groups and their responsibility because the General Budgets of the State of 2019 is also a shared task.

In the course of his speech at the Congress of Deputies to account for the agreements reached in the EU on leaving the United Kingdom and the situation in Catalonia, Sanchez has advanced that the budgets depend on the Government but also on parliamentary groups and of the Autonomous Communities.

Sanchez has stressed the need for dialogue with everyone, also with the Catalan independence forces, because it is about modernizing Spain and Catalonia with accounts that benefit only in the revaluation of pensions to 1.5 million Catalan pensioners.

"Rejecting it is impossible and not close the social gap," he said after stressing that the budgets would improve the quality of life and not end a new frustration.


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