Sánchez asks Casado to stop being "the appetizer of the main course" of Vox and the leader of the PP reproaches him for "the fights" within the Government

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, have once again starred in a harsh cross of reproaches this Wednesday during the control session of the Executive in the Congress of Deputies while, in parallel, the PSOE was negotiating a motion of censure with Ciudadanos to expel the PP from the Government of the Region of Murcia, a script twist that has not been mentioned in the hemicycle.

The state of alarm exceeds the period of four months without anyone asking for its review

The state of alarm exceeds the period of four months without anyone asking for its review

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The day began with new accusations by Casado because United We Can, one of the partners of the central Executive, voted against withdrawing the immunity of Carles Puigdemont in the European Parliament: "Only for that reason should he dismiss his vice president today and he should break with Bildu instead of breaking weapons with a steamroller, "the PP leader snapped at the chief executive. Married, in addition, has returned to blame the contagions of the pandemic on the March 8 marches although, in reality, the question he had registered for the Prime Minister had to do with unemployment.

Sánchez has responded to the PP leader by listing some of the economic measures approved by the Executive in recent months and has wondered "what is the main opposition party doing" in the meantime. "Wednesday after Wednesday what they do is get up, make here a spiel of expletives and outbursts mixed with insults. That is what he does, but neither supports measures nor proposes pacts or agreements. They have voted against the state of alarm, of all the decree laws, budgets that are necessary for workers in our country and raise doubts about the economic solvency of Spain ", the Prime Minister has responded.

In his opinion, Casado "has two paths: moderation or perdition." "It has to stop being the appetizer of the main course that comes later, in each control session," added Sánchez, alluding to Vox. And, despite his accusations, the chief executive has asked the leader of the opposition to make "a useful opposition, with a sense of state." In addition, Sánchez has assured that "the hand continues to be extended" for his part to reach agreements with the PP to renew constitutional bodies in a temporary situation such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), the Constitutional Court or the Ombudsman.

Sánchez believes that the pandemic can be overcome at the end of the summer

"Spain is going to ruin and the only thing his government does is fight each other," insisted Casado in his turn to cross-examine. Already in economic key, the leader of the PP ventured the arrival of a new economic crisis that, as he has said, will have to be administered by a hypothetical "Government of the PP".

In response to another question posed by the UPN deputy, Sergio Sayas, Sánchez assured that the Executive's policy is focused on "vaccinating, vaccinating and vaccinating" because, in his opinion, "the best economic policy that can be done is vaccination "in addition to the" aid to maintain the productive fabric and start all recovery projects. " The president of the Government has insisted on his objective is that by the end of the summer 70% of the Spanish population is vaccinated, which according to him will allow "to consider the pandemic over."


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