July 25, 2021

Sánchez asks Casado to adopt “the path of moderation that he was taught” in the Catalan elections

The reproaches crossed in the control session after the Catalan elections do not disappear. It was the first after the results and Pedro Sánchez was clear about the message he wanted to give to PP and Ciudadanos after the hit: “Break your territorial and local pacts with those who are eating you, which is the far right.”

Genoa 13: the PP leaves the headquarters that became the symbol of corruption

Genoa 13: the PP leaves the headquarters that became the symbol of corruption

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The president has once again extended his hand to Pablo Casado – especially to renew institutions such as the General Council of the Judiciary, which has been in office for more than two years. “You have to choose: either the path of moderation or the path of perdition, useful opposition and a sense of state or opposition in which your complex is seen in the face of the extreme right that Vox represents,” he told the PP leader, who has maintained a string of reproaches and accusations against the coalition, especially against Pablo Iglesias.

“My task as president is to guarantee political stability,” Sánchez replied to Casado’s question as to whether he is going to dismiss his second vice president. I understand that he is leading the opposition and that he has to criticize the Government of Spain, but I would like him to assume a useful opposition role, pitch in, comply with its constitutional obligations to be renewed by the CGPJ, the Ombudsman or the Constitutional Court. ”

“Spain needs a government that guarantees political stability and needs useful opposition that is not under the influence of the extreme right,” Sánchez has asked him, who has referred several times throughout his speech to the need for PP and Ciudadanos distance themselves from the extreme right just two weeks after stating that Santiago Abascal had “more sense of State” that the head of the opposition for having saved the decree law of European funds.

During his speech, Casado had asked Sánchez to “follow the example of Draghi,” the new Italian prime minister, “or he will end up like Tsipras,” the left-wing former Greek president, and has demanded that Vice President Iglesias dismiss, “as they have asked for 200 personalities from the left “, alluding to the manifesto signed by former socialist leaders such as Joaquín Leguina or Nicolás Redondo Terrerors.

“His Government is the cabin of the Marx, they are faced in internal struggles over housing, pensions, labor reform, trans law, the Sahara, Russia or Bolivia,” the leader of the popular has reproached the chief executive. “And to sustain that chaos he has many dishes in the air,” Casado has ironized, before asking Sánchez how he is going to resume “his courtship” with ERC “keeping his grip with Vox and his pact with Bildu.” “Not by sending Illa to Catalonia do 90,000 dead disappear, nor with Calviño in Brussels do five million unemployed evaporate,” continued the leader of the PP.

Along the same lines, Casado has assured that despite the fact that Sánchez affirmed that “he could not sleep with Pablo Iglesias as vice president” now he understands him “because he lies more than he speaks, he threatens the Welfare State, he leads us to the populism of Venezuela Chávez, or seeks to control judges, police or prosecutors. ” “This is what he has in his government and it is his responsibility,” he said.

Casado has also denounced the alleged “drift of the vice president who does not cease in his attacks on the head of state, the monarchy or the judiciary, in addition to stating that Puigdemont is an exile, that ETA has political explanations, or launching a website to point out journalists critics and threatening businessmen with expropriations, “until yesterday they accused the founder of his party for irregular financing. When is he going to cease him?”

The Prime Minister has maintained another scuffle with Miriam Nogueras, a deputy for Junts, who had asked the Prime Minister if he believes “that relations between Catalonia and Spain are just an internal conflict.” “Catalonia needs a government different from the one we have seen these years. A progressive government led by the PSOE and the commons. I think that is what Catalan society has demanded. It wants a derived left-wing exit and you do not enter that equation” , Sánchez has snapped at Nogueras.


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