Sánchez applies euthanasia in residences "by way of the facts"

The secretary general of the Vox group in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​stated on Monday that the "greatest tragedy" of the coronavirus crisis is the deaths in nursing homes and has accused the Government of euthanasia "by way of events ".

"This social communist government wanted to introduce the regulation of euthanasia in Spain and, unfortunately and by the way of the facts, it has applied it in the most ferocious way," said Olona on TVE, the medium that he has accused of carrying out "a clear violation of political neutrality".

The Vox leader has indicated that, despite the fact that the Government is the sole command in Spain, she is trying to "hide" behind the powers of the autonomous communities to avoid any responsibility for deaths in the nursing homes.

"The greatest tragedy we are experiencing is the more than 8,000 elderly who have died in completely abandoned and evicted residences without being able to enter the ICUs because they have been evicted if they were over 80 years old," he said.

According to Olona, ​​the Government has "put itself in profile" and "abandoned" the elderly, who "with their effort, their taxes and their work have built our great health system and, when they needed it, they have seen that they have not been able to access it. "


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