Sánchez appeals to "prudence and responsibility" before the start of the de-escalation plan

"Today we take a new step in the measures to relieve confinement, but we must do it with prudence and responsibility," Sánchez said on Twitter, warning that "the virus is still there."

The de-escalation will be done based on the control of the epidemic in each province and at the speed that the health situation of that area allows, according to objective criteria.

In this way, the Prime Minister has asked to respect the indications and to continue taking into account the guidelines for hygiene and distance.

From this Saturday you can do individual sports and walk once a day in any of the two time zones proposed: from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 20 to 23 hours.

Outdoor sports must be carried out in the same municipality of residence -without an hour limit beyond that allowed by the strips-, while in the case of walks, one cannot go more than a kilometer away from their home.

At the same time, and to prevent people from concentrating at the same times, the hours of the rides already allowed for children under 14 years of age are restricted between 12 noon and 19.00.

Starting on Monday, May 4, phase zero will begin, which includes the opening of premises and establishments by appointment for individual customer service, as well as restaurants with take-away food service, without consumption on the premises.


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